Thursday, February 24, 2011

"all your regrets ride roughshod over me. . ."

Hey, hey my lovelies!

How ya’ll doing today? 

It’s rainy and gloomy here, the perfect day to sleep in or snuggle on the couch and watch movies.   I got woken up earlier than I had planned this morning.  *sigh*  I’ve got black out curtains in my room so while it was already 10 am, it felt like 5 and my leg was very much protesting starting about 6:30 so I took a muscle relaxer (which I haven’t taken in months) and decided a little sleep in would help.  Granted I can go to bed at 11 but I wake up about every 2 hours to shift positions cuz the pain wakes me up so I really don’t get much sleep. . .lucky for me I have a high pain tolerance and require little sleep to function normally.  Or it’s just what I’ve become accustomed to lately. . .hate to see what it’s gonna be like when I get old!

Well I’ve had yet another epic oat meal fail this morning.  I’m really learning to love oat meal in the mornings.  It’s very filling and keeps me full longer than cereal and I'm not an egg person in the morning.  I hate eggs and ham-y things.  Yuck!  So I decided to try a slow cooker recipe this way when I get up I’ve got breakfast done.  The first time I used the wrong type of oats, the quick cooking ones.  When I awoke the next morning it looked like soup.  Eww!!  I assumed that when they say use steel cut oats, they mean use steel cut oats.  Yesterday I bought some, put my oats and water and brown sugar and a little maple flavoring in the crock pot with the knowledge that I’d fixed what I’d done wrong the first time.  I set out my dried fruit and raisins and woke up to this:

That looks like baby diarrhea and I am not putting that in mouth.  Gross!  What am I doing wrong?  I’m going to try it one more time with less water and if it fails again, I was just not meant to eat slow cooker oatmeal.

*We now interrupt your regularly scheduled blog with a rant*

“I want my David Bowie DVD’s NOW!  It was supposed to be here yesterday at the latest and it’s still not here today!  One day late!  WTF?!?!  I know it’s coming from Argentina, but come on!  And I’ve ordered two other Bowie things from them, but this is the one I really want because it’s 2 DVD’s of his videos and it has Strangers When We Meet on it and I wanna watch it on my cool new big TV. . .like yesterday!  WWWHHHAAAA!!!!”

*We  now return you to your regularly scheduled blog*

I ate the most awful Healthy Choice meal ever today.  I thought the pot stickers were kinda nasty but I ate ‘em anyway, this balsamic chicken and vegetables was just evil.  I do not recommend that one.  Eww, eww, eww.  I tossed it and made me a 200 calorie Digorno pizza for 5 points.  Yum!

Ok, just got home and was starving at ate 19 points!  But it’s all good, I had more points than that available to eat but now I’m stuffed!

And I’m gonna jump off here now. . .gotta get my clothes ready for tomorrow, get a shower. . .gotta weigh in early.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Strangers When We Meet. . .just cuz I haven’t posted it in a long time. . .and because I ranted about it. . .your welcome.

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