Monday, February 7, 2011

"the heart's filthy lesson with her hundred miles to hell. . ."

Hola my faithful blog readers!

So it was supposed to snow last night, it didn’t.  Not until early in the afternoon when we were greeted these beautiful huge chunks of falling snow.  And it’s the good kind!  The sticky kind perfect for making snowmen!  I’m really, really debating on whether or not I would be able to get out there with Bug for a little bit today, just not sure how well my crappy back would react.  But it would count as some exercise for the day. . .

And in yesterday’s blog, I totally forgot to tell you of my Taco Bell adventure!  So, we had Taco Bell for lunch because it is literally the only place you can eat out and get full and not use up all your points.  Tacos and beans are about all you can have, but oh are they so deelish!  So I’m sitting there eating my crunchy tacos and beans when what I really, really, really want is some fiesta potatoes, but those are 9 points for that teeny tiny bowl!  *sigh*  Well, I get done eating and Bug barely touches her bean burrito and under normal circumstances, I’d be all over that!  She had maybe 4 bites out of it, child size bits mind you, so it was practically the whole burrito.  Mom takes it and wraps it up, slowly, with a small frown on her face and I’m like, “we can split it.”  Yum!  She doesn’t answer.  Then a few minutes later, “do you still wanna split it?”  By now I’ve had too much time to think about it and turn it down.   But then I look across the lobby and there, directly in front of us is a family of 5, all of them chowing down on fiesta potatoes!  Oh how my stomach leapt and wanted one so bad!  And they were all eating them at the same time, wtf?!?  Then the mom and the Grandma were sharing a nacho bell grande that is a wonderfully delicious 20 points!  *whine*  I want!  Finally I’m like, “look we need to leave or I’m about to attack an innocent family for potatoes.”  And we did.  Then went to Peddler’s mall and walked about for about 40 minutes. . .

Alrighty, left and came back. . .went to Wal-Mart to get Bug a new pair of glasses.  We absolutely can not find hers and she's gonna be without them until Monday. . .poor baby.  Anyway, that snow out there sucks.  Big time.  It’s definitely that wet kind of snow that I was talking about earlier and it got all up in my hair and melted and when it dried in Wal-Mart my hair was all crispy and gross.  Eww!  And I have a total crap pair of shoes so my feet were soaked and frozen. . .I am so not going out to play in it now!

We did find Bug a most awesome pair of glasses and how did we do it?  After about 15 minutes of her whining about having to try on so many pairs and not being able to pick them out herself, we told her, “OMG, those totally look like Bowie glasses!” and she was sold.  It’s so easy anymore. . .

Had me a yummy lunch that was only 9 points and I’m uber stuffed. . .6 points of that was baked Doritos, but it was totally worth it!

And I read all of David Bowie/Nathan Adler’s diary on the Outside album and just when I’m like, “this is so totally gross and weird but strangely interesting,” it’s to be continued.  *sigh*  I still have no freakin’ clue what it’s about and Strangers When We Meet is so out of place on this album, but makes total sense.  Weird.   I know.  And I’m kinda starting to like The Hearts Filthy Lesson even though the video is cuhreepy!  Seriously.  Watch it.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s The Hearts Filthy Lesson.

PSS  Yeah, it’s totally weird, but watch it any way, just to say that you did.

PSSS  He’s just totally hot in this one.

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