Tuesday, November 2, 2010

up yours, stop your whine, feelin' swell, i'm doing fine. . .

Hello my fellow blog readers! All one of you!

Now I know I never write a blog unless I’ve been to a concert, am drunk or have something to rant about. . .that hasn’t changed.


I have felt so shitty these past few days and I am in no way asking for sympathy, I’m just asking for a little acknowledgement. When I’m in pain or depressed or just wanna sit alone in my room and cry, I don’t want you to beat down my door and ask me about my feelings. I just want you to acknowledge that I’m in a shitty/depressed/my back/leg hurts so bad I just wanna die kinda mood. That’s all. A nod of the head, a twinkle in your eye, the middle finger in my face, it all counts. . .then leave me alone.

Today has been one of the worst days in a long time, other than yesterday and I even managed to make it to work. Every single day I have to go into work and literally when I wake up, I wanna call in. There have been 10 times or more I’ve had the phone in my hand, the number lit up, to call in to work when I don’t even have to be there until 5pm and I don’t do it. I still go. All crooked, hunched over, my foot numb, my leg shaking with pain about half way into a 4 hour shift and I still go.

My poor Bug. All I wanted was to go trick-or-treating with her on Halloween, like I do every year and it didn’t happen. We were almost done in the mall before the pain kicked in and I quite literally saw stars before my eyes, it was extremely hot and I thought I was going to vomit on all the cutsey little childrens in their costumes. And what did my mom do? Get annoyed. At least Tiffers (my bestie of all even when I want to hit her real hard in the taco) acknowledged my pain and instead of trying to be all Oprah and save the fat white chick in pain with caring and a car, walked with me to the car and let me be mean to her. And she just took it and I love her for that. And seriously, I didn’t think I was going to make it to the car and when I did we fuckin’ got rear ended. Talk about a shitty ass day. My poor baby Bug had her mascara and lipstick smeared and said, “We’re all alright, right?” and “You never think it’s going to happen to you and then it does.” At least a couple of cops were a bit of eye candy. After that, I said ‘fuck it’ and went home, there was no way I could walk anymore. . .

So what is the point of my blog? I have no idea. I’m drunk. Or at least getting there. . .

And I thought tonight was a new episode of Glee and it’s not. Now I’m even more bitter.

So yeah.

I just stuck it to the man.

I have no idea what that means. At all.

And I didn’t vote and ya know what else? I’m gonna complain. So everyone that has a problem with that can suck it. As Jen Lancaster would say, “You can kiss the fattest part of my ass.” It’s called freedom of speech. Deal with it.

Sarah Palin is the devil and in her new show she talks about how she’d rather be in the Alaskan wilderness than in a stuffy office. Well I hope she stays there are gets stampeded by a herd of moose who have lost their mothers thanks to her guns. And Rand Paul can go with her. They’re both douche bags.

Done now. . .

PS. This blog is brought to you by the Goo Goo Dolls’ Up Yours. It’s awesome. Listen to it. Now.


Monday, October 11, 2010

scrawl these words upon your wall, remind you to believe. . .

Indianapolis, IN
The Murat
October 7th, 2010

Hey there my lovely blog readers!

Gonna warn you in advance, I’ve used a lot of exclamation points in this review. . .

The day began with Bug (my 6 year old little sister) asking non stop if it was time to leave. . .finally it was. She was equipped with her new t-shirt dress that my other sister Tiff had made for her, hew new rock hair bow I had made for her and some Golden Girls dvd’s for the 3ish hour car ride ahead of us. Me, Bug, my mom and my bestie Steph loaded up all our food for the USA Harvest and took off about 3. . .we got there a little after 5 and it took us forever to find the USA Harvest table! Had to ask about 8 people before someone finally knew and all the girls there were super nice and helped us haul all that stuff in! You gals were amazing! Thank you so much for all that you do and for talking to the Bug cuz she was crazy nervous!

And we won! I really, really had my fingers crossed for this one because it was Bug’s first show and I really wanted her to get the VIP treatment and she did! She got a little antsy and whiney while we were waiting for the meet and greet, but by the time we were lined up down in the basement she was so nervous she forgot about being whiney! Security Mike gave her one of the little cards to find your picture online and he was like, “You don’t need one of these, you’ve done this before!” I wish I was able to take a picture of her face when the guys came first came out, priceless! Right before our turn, Robby pointed at her and was smiling and she got a little shy and hid behind me. . .when it got to be our turn Robby said to me, “Hi again!” (it’s nice to be remembered) and John got down on his knee and said to Bug, “You are so cute! I love your t-shirt! What’s your name?” And she mumbles really quiet twice and I finally had to say “Rhiannon,” and he said, “That’s so pretty!” Then we took the picture and John asked her for a hug and he gave her the biggest, tightest hug! It made my heart melt! Then I shook John and Mike’s hand and we were off. . .oh, one more thing. I didn’t know what to do with the USA Harvest poster and one of the girls, sorry I can’t remember your name, said we could keep it. Well of course Bug thought that was the greatest thing ever and it’s on her wall now. She also asked if she could have the meet and greet bracelet, greedy little thing, but I’m going to frame it all for her so she can put it on her wall as well. . .

On the way to bathroom, Bug apparently was about to explode, we ran into my friend/fellow cosmetologist Robin and her husband and finally got a pic together! Bug said later, “You guys really like to talk about hair, huh?” LOL Thanks for the ear plugs, too! She only used the one pair, but asked for the other pair later because, “he brought ‘em for me.” After I took Bug to the bathroom, she needed something to drink, go figure. So I got her a Sprite and we stayed out in the lobby until the opening act was over. There was no way I was going to try to take Bug, my purse, a poster and drink and find my seat in the dark without there being a casualty.

The plan was for me to keep Bug with me until midway through the show, which to me was after they sang Home, then my mom was going to come and get her and her and Steph would switch seats. I explained to her when the lights go out, we had to stand up and she had to stand in the seat so she could see. Well let me tell ya, when those lights went out, that baby was standing in her seat before I got out of mine! She had her hand up in the air going, “oh, oh, oh, oh livin’ the sweetest lie!” It was so freakin’ cute! She whoo-ed when I did, then did on her own and a few times she wanted down on the floor so she could dance. But when Black Balloon came on she had to get back in the chair to see that one, her and my mom rock out to that one in the car, and she got so happy when she saw a few black balloons up in the air. After Black Balloon was Home and she didn’t sing, she screamed every word of that song out, I was so proud of her! After that, her and Steph switched seats. I asked mom after the show how she did after she left me and she said she rocked/danced the entire time. She had her hand up in the air with the rock sign and was whoo-ing, I couldn’t be more proud of her than if she was my own, which let’s face it, she kinda is. J

The show was amazing! I could tell right from the start at the meet and greet that it was going to be a wonderful show because all the guys were in awesome moods. John did a lot of talking and interacting with the crowd. My highlight of the night was Something For The Rest of Us. Kick ass live. Amazing. I was really hoping for One Night, but they did Can’t Let It go instead and no All Eyes On Me, but the rest of the setlist was the same.

Amazing show to close out the last of my shows for me and I’m so glad that I could share it with my Bug. Goo was my first rock concert and now it was hers.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks! And I’m sorry for all the exclamation points. . .

PS This blog brought to you by Notbroken by The Goo Goo Dolls. . .

Sunday, October 3, 2010

all that's left now are these words that i've been trying to say to you. . .

Hello my cheeky blog readers!

Just thought I’d write a few lines about how things have been going . . .SHITTY! That’s how it’s been going. . .but I’ll live, I always do. The one thing with having an evil back with ruptured/bulging discs and degenerative disc disease is you have a much higher pain tolerance than the average person. Oh the stories I could tell you, but I won’t. Now with that being said, it still hurts like a son of a bitch! So even though I’m being nice to you and smiling, and working, and going out places, DOES NOT mean that it doesn’t hurt! Geez! I am a very strong willed person who doesn’t cry in front of people, I don’t like to show weakness, I definitely don’t like to ask for help, and I don’t like people to pay for me. I am seriously desperate if I cry in front of someone so yeah. . .just remember that. . .

Ok, now that my rant is over with. . .

I had a crazy drug induced Goo Goo Dolls dream. It started with me and Steph going to the show and while I know I have awesome 5th row seats, it turns out they are 5th row seats in the balcony and the place is huge and there are no screens. So we’re trying to watch them and they are the size of ants. Well, John starts singing this song I’ve never heard before and attempting to get the crowd into it and it’s just not happening. Well, I know all the words to this song I’ve never heard before and he comes up to the balcony and is serenading me with this song when I realize, “You’re not John Rzeznik! This is an imposter with a John Rzeznik haircut and a wife beater! And this isn’t even the Goo Goo Dolls!”

Me and Steph leave to go find the real Goo Goo Dolls and find them playing in a mall food court. I run to a table to claim it and Steph goes to order us some drinks. I’m watching Goo play turn my head for just a second and suddenly I’m at school and realize that I’ve missed the bus home! And then I wake up Bug busts up in the room wanting to know where her ‘movie candy’ is. *sigh*

On a more serious note, I’m not sure how I’m even going to make it my Goo concert this week. There are times when I stand, it’s like someone is slicing the inside of my leg with a hot knife. Not to mention often times my hip sticks out and I look like a question mark. Now I know I am super fly and have got gangsta style *tee-hee* but even I can’t pull off the question mark look. . . I did get a super cute new shirt to wear so that’s one goo-d thing,. . .gonna have to find me a cool hair accessory to go with it. . .

Ok, think that’s all.

Done now. . .

PS This blog is brought to you by the Goo Goo Dolls, Hey Ya. Listen to it here:


Monday, August 23, 2010

"i am your nemesis, baby i’m life sweet life itself. . ."

David Gray & Ray Lamontagne
August 22, 2010
Nashville, TN
Bridgestone Arena

Hey, hey!

Well skipping past all the boring road trip details that involve very loud singing to Backstreet Boys and Clay Aiken and ahead to the sound check. . .

Sound check was at 3 and me and my bestie Steph got there a little after 2:30 and the doors were still locked and a good size crowd was gathered inside. When we arrived, David’s sound check was already in progress and we could hear it in the lobby, they were doing Kathleen and I can’t remember the other one. . .finally someone comes to get us and tells us we will be getting to see about the last 30 minutes of David’s sound check and between the down time before Ray comes out, which would be awhile, David was going to come by and sign our hatch prints himself. Ray had already signed them. They tell us which row of seats to sit on inside the arena and me and Steph sit by Tina and her friend, and we kinda had awesome seats. We had to sit on the side, not the floor, and we were at the very end of the row by the stage. We could take pictures, just no video.

The sound check was really amazing because what they seemed to think didn’t sound all that great, sounded wonderful to me! I know the keyboardist messed with his the most, switching stuff around and talking technical musical stuff. . .he played You're The World to Me, Now and Always, The One I Love and Fugitive. He started singing, I believe it was Freedom, and stopped midway because his voice was a little hoarse and cracking and was like, "you're gonna have to help me on the vocals," and they all started laughing. I was really getting into The One I Love and he stopped that one too because something about the "fucking strings" was throwing him off! Right before the yee-hee’s, my fav part! I didn't think I would ever forget the exact quote because at the time I was like, "that's going in my facebook status!" but I did! *sigh* Everything was said in a very light hearted tone though and the band was laughing so don't think he was throwing a diva fit. . . :)

He left for a little bit and came back out and began at the opposite end signing the hatch prints. It seemed like forever before he got to us, but I can assure you not really, and the whole time I’m thinking of something really awesome to say and nothing comes out. Nothing. I was nervous, my hands were shaking. He said, “Hello again,” so whether he remembered me from the Louisville show or not, we’ll never know because my brain was stupid for a full two minutes. I’ve had people remember me before because of my crazy hair, so maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. But in Louisville I did take the picture “face book style” because it is much more slimming, twice actually, and when I motioned that’s how I wanted to take the pic he was like, “oh yeah!” In Louisville he said, “that flash is nuclear!” and for a little camera, it does have a powerful flash. . .he finished up and said goodbye to the crowd and yawned and said he was going to take a nap and around that time my brain got a kick start and I shouted, “you’re awesome!”

Sound check was supposed to be over at 5 and they were going to kick us out until the doors opened again at 6, but we ending up staying til about 5:45 because there was so much down time before Ray came out. And he is the sweetest, most soft spoken adorably shy performer I have ever seen! He played/sang in the corner, with dim lights most of the sound check and when it was over he just walked to the end of the stage and just gave a little wave then he was gone and we were ushered out.

Show time. . .Ray was super awesome and while I didn’t know much of his music, I really enjoyed his set. And me and Steph were like, “he only says, ‘thank you’ when the lights are out.” Adorableness. . .

Time for some David Gray. . .I went into the show a little worried because of a review I read on the board the day before the show, but all I have to say is David Gray kicked some ass last night! He was ON FIRE! Hee-hee Tina! The crowd was on their feet during Fugitive and quickly sat down when it was over. . .I was a little shocked because I’ve never sat through a show. Ever. But we were kinda far back on the floor and if I stood up the people behind me couldn’t see. . .more to that later. The crowd was screaming and cheering and that must have put him in a good mood because he said, “I’ve changed my mind,” and said he was going to sing Shine. I really hope someone got his little speech on video and him trying to tune his guitar and getting mad at it.

Around this time the people about 3 rows in front of us were standing so the couple sitting in front of me stood so Steph stood, because the woman behind her stood but the guy sitting behind me was well, still sitting. So I can’t see a thing. Nothing. Not even between the people. So I ask the guy behind me if he would get too mad if I stood up and he said go ahead. YAYS! A little while later people sit again, except the people 3 rows in front of us and the guys sitting behind them almost get into a fight with them because they won’t sit down. *sigh* I was just hoping everyone would stand up and be done with it. I wanted to rock out and dance! But by this time it was Babylon and Please Forgive Me and the whole place was on their feet yet again. After Please Forgive Me, which was crazy awesome with lots of audience participation, and an extended “every time I look at you.” We must have sang it 10 times, it was AWESOME! The guys were so happy, you could see it on their face that they were pleased with the crowd.

Nemesis and his Nemesis!Dance were insanely awesome as usual. . .that song has a life of it’s own live. My camera died right around the encore of This Year’s Love. *tear* I thought Steph was going to cry because he didn’t sing Sail Away, but her spirits got lifted when he sang it for the last encore song. Crowd was on their feet and screaming the words out and David was like, “I need a sea!” and everyone’s arms were in the air waving. . .when Ray came out for Dig A Pony, everyone was cheering for him and he looked like he just wanted to crawl under the drum set! I’ve said it before, but I really have never seen a performer so timid before! So yeah, Dig A Pony was. . .wait for it. . .AWESOME! Lol

That’s about it for the show. I have a really evil back so I was in some very serious pain by the time it was all said and done and we still had to walk all the way back to the car, which was a very long walk let me tell ya! Went back to the room, took my meds, went to bed and woke up this morning wishing it was yesterday again. . .

So, if you made it this far, I thank ya for sticking with it!

PS this blog brought to you by Nemesis by David Gray.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

hold on dream away, you're my sweet charade. . .

Hey, hey!

This could very well become a dream journal because I’ve got another one to tell ya about. . .I don’t know what’s up with all the crazy dreams lately because usually I don’t remember them unless they are super creepy or super crazy. . .or involve the Goo Goo Dolls. . .which this one does. So your welcome my Goo Goo Dolls peeps.

This dream begins in a hotel bar and the Goo’s were playing on this tiny stage. By the time their set is over, the tiny bar has turned into a small venue and while I’m trying to pack up my stuff, cuz I’ve got a lot it for some reason, John Rzeznik taps me on my shoulder from the stage and says, “thanks for coming.” So I’m like, “ok, you’re welcome.” Weird! When I leave the venue I find myself standing in a crazy long line to get on the elevator to go to my room. Remember, the venue was inside the hotel. So I’m standing behind this guy in a black baseball cap with my purse and this super huge bag full of stuff and he turns around and guess who it is. . .waiting, I’ll give you time. That’s right, John Rzeznik! Gold star for you! (it’s in the mail, I promise.)

He starts telling me that all the lines are like this for all the elevators on this floor. I thank him and begin to think of my awesome luck that Goo is staying at the same hotel as me. Usually I stay at crappy motels with jiggly door locks in a non smoking room that smell like smoke. So we’ve been standing at the end of this line for a long time and John has this blanket that he puts on the floor and says I can sit with him and then Robby and Mike show up with martinis. I begin telling them about this Whitesnake concert I’d been to, which I’ve never seen Whitesnake in my life, and tell them how the lead singer fell and hurt his crotch and had to stop the show.

The line is moving now and Goo is gone off to their room but not before thanking me for keeping them company. Well instead of getting on an elevator I end up in the hotel office and they are telling me that my room is gone. That they never booked me a room. They don’t have me on file anywhere. And my first thought is, “Well then where is my stuff? I got ready in a room. I took a shower in a room. My Big and Sexy hairspray is in a room somewhere!” So I start crying cuz I’m there all by myself and the lady is being mean to me and then someone taps my shoulder and it’s this woman and she hands me an autographed picture of the Goo Goo Dolls and tells me not to worry that Goo has taken care of everything. So now I’m crying harder cuz how awesome is that?! And on the back of the poster there is this really long letter written to me, but it is written in such a tiny script that I can’t read it! So of course when I’m finally beginning to decipher the letter, that’s when my alarm goes off. . .*sigh*

Other things of interest. . .it’s back to school beginning this weekend for the shop so I am going to be crazy busy working and only have one day off. Suck-age! That is, only until I get my paycheck which suck-age then turns into rock-age! Wahoo!!! Also considering getting a tattoo this Friday. We’ll see how things work out. . .gotta take my Bug school shopping that day. She’s going to be in the first grade, when did my baby get so big?!?!

Ok. Done now. . .

PS This blog is brought to you by Hate This Place by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

these dreams go on when i close my eyes. . .

Hello other bloggers, Facebook peeps and most likely just myself --

Gonna tell ya about the freakin’ craziest dream I’ve had in a long time! Wanna hear about it? Well ya are! So, in my dream I was back at hair school and was chillin’ up front waiting for clients to come in. In my school we had a speaker system and when you had a client they called you over the intercom. So over the speakers Dwight Yoakam comes on and he begins announcing who needs to come to the front desk and pick up their clients. And who are these clients? Steven Tyler, Russell Brand and Dwight Yoakam himself! WTF?!?! I get none of them which pisses me off cuz we all know how awesome I am at rock star hair. And other students are cheering them on and like Steven Tyler is struttin’ and swinging his scarf around all cool. Whatevs.

Next an instructor comes out and tells the rest of us to do book work. Well by them I’m pissed so I’m like, “I’m leaving!” When I go out, right there is Steven Tyler’s cool ass silver limo so I take a pic of it and when I turn around, it is no longer the hair school parking lot, but the Vegas strip and who is standing there? Russell Brand! So I ask him if we can take a pic Facebook style and he says, “that’s the only way!” and we take a few pics and when I leave and get to looking at them, there are other people in them that weren’t standing there. I know right! How rude?!

This is when I decide I need to go back to my hotel. Why am I at a hotel? No clue, it’s a crazy dream remember? So I’ve got this massive suitcase, a purse and bag full of souvenirs from the Vegas strip. I go inside and decide to take these escalators to my room, but they are moving so fast I can’t see when I need to get off. And suddenly it’s like I’m in a Stephen King novel because I’m stuck on these escalators with tons of other people and it doesn’t stop to let you off until it’s your turn to die! So we’re out in the rain and the sun with no food or water and everyone is all tired and creepy and then the escalator dumps us into this open clearing full of mud and we start sinking and that’s when I woke up. Freaky huh?

So, I guess I’ll leave you with that. Until next time. . .

Done now. . .

PS. this blog is brought to you by These Dreams by Heart.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey all! This is going to be my first official blog! And it’s a review of the latest Goo Goo Dolls concert I went too! Yay for you! This won’t be a regular thing on here however, I’m going to make a separate concert blog . . .well, Tiffers is going to make it for me that is. . .so, onto the review/blog. . .

Me and Steph got up at 3 in the morning to make the 6ish hour drive to Cleveland, it turned into much more that 6 hours. . .I was sick the entire way there and most of the day. . .I was running literally on about 2 ½ hours of sleep, I ate some really bad Chinese food the night before and it was insanely hot. I was miserable.

Our plan for months had been to leave early and head to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while we were there. . .well, come to find out, the local radio station there was having a contest to tour the hall with them. What a bonus right?!? That Goo would be there the same time as us! We got to The Hall about noonish and were there until 3ish. That place is amazing by the way, I am a mega huge Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan so just to see her itty bitty dresses was enough for me!

On the way out, they have the Johnny Cash tour bus and we decided to check that out too. Now mind you, the entire time we were there, we didn’t see Goo and we just assumed they had probably had a private tour before the place even opened. So we’re standing in line and what pulls up in front of the Johnny Cash tour bus? Go on guess, cuz you’re probably gonna be right. . .correct!


So we get on the bus and on the way out, the lady who lets you on the bus told me, “now, I could possibly get in very big trouble for this, but that bus that just pulled up, look who’s on your shirt.” which I had a Goo shirt on cuz they are super comfy to spend 8 hours in the car with. Plus sometimes a girl just has to have the Goo Goo Dolls on her boobs to make her feel pretty. . .Steph and I decide to wait a little bit and see if they come out, because at this point, the bus was just parked. We sit at a little bench by the front door and decide we’ll wait 20 minutes, if they don’t show we were out because it was crazy hot out there. A few minutes later Brad and Korel come out and walk past us and Korel stands in line to get on the Johnny Cash bus and Steph is like, “Lets go say hi!” and I’m like, “No way, that’s rude! He just wants to get on the Johnny Cash bus!” Now, honestly the fact that those two already came out should have tipped us off because about 10 minutes later, here come the Goos with their posse and casually walk by us and not a soul bothers them all the way to the tour bus. . .including me and Steph. We just sat on our bench, with our mouths hanging open in shock, pointed to them, silently looked at each other, got up and went to the car. . .we are so lame!

Rzeznik had some gorgeous highlight by the way. . .

So back to the room to take showers and get prettied up. . .


. . .and to drop my stuff off for the USA Harvest, which I won, yays! My girls at work totally helped me out and donated, my mom bought me stuff, then I bought TONS of water, ramen, kool-air and snack crackers. . .806 items in all. I was very proud of myself. We loaded, hauled, and unloaded all that stuff. Now that’s a job! We at first got lost and ended up at the back of the venue and asked someone there where the USA Harvest was set up so we could drop it off and he had no idea what we were talking about. I about bawled! But when we told him they should be up front, that’s when he told us we were in the back and directed us to the right place. I talked to the super sweet girls at the USA Harvest table and then because I was still feeling like crap, went inside and spent $10 on a pretzel and a bottle of water which I neither ate nor drank because it was so hot I couldn’t enjoy it. Went to the t-shirt stand and bought a t-shirt, two Cds which were only $7 and a setlist. They didn’t have the set lists yet because they told me they didn’t know what they were playing and hadn’t made them out, which was kinda exciting. They told me to come back after the show and get it.

Time for the meet and greet! There were a few issues getting the wrist bands, but all was resolved soon enough and we were all 3 waiting at the lovely smelling port-a-potties for our meet and greet. When it gets to my turn Robby gives me a hug, which I totally didn’t ask for and said, “it’s nice to you again.” What? He remembers me? AWESOMENESS!!! And then John said, “I believe we’ve met before,” and smirked. *MELT!* and Mike just smiled and said hi because he was sick for my last meet and greet. All in all they took 3 pictures but they only posted one. *tear* Which makes me sad because I hate that picture. The first one John was rubbing his hair, then they took another and the third is the one they posted without the USA Harvest Winner sign. . .oh well. I liked my last meet and greet photo. . .

Now the show. Can we say AWESOME! They were all in great moods last night, lots of talking, interacting with audience and John flirting most of the night with a very pretty blonde. . .it started raining about half way through the show and the wind really picked up but it felt wonderful! And John said a few times, “it’s raining on us again!” The show started out with this like mix of music and people talking, it kinda sounded like a news reel. . .can’t remember if the spring tour had it or not. They played great, sounded great, looked great and seemed well rested. I have to say this is in my top 5 fav Goo shows. . .


This was my 13th show and since it was number 13 I was a little nervous about it but everything turned out wonderful even if I did feel like crap 90% of the day, only had 2 ½ hours of sleep and woke up with a concert hangover this morning. . .those are the best kinds of hangovers by the way!

I think I can honestly say, the only bummer of the day, not including my being so sick, was that they didn’t play We Are The Normal. . .I had read an article when John said they were going and it was nowhere to heard. . .*tear*

Stay tuned for my Cleveland road trip/Rock and Roll Hall of Fame blog. . .

Sunday, June 27, 2010