Tuesday, July 27, 2010

these dreams go on when i close my eyes. . .

Hello other bloggers, Facebook peeps and most likely just myself --

Gonna tell ya about the freakin’ craziest dream I’ve had in a long time! Wanna hear about it? Well ya are! So, in my dream I was back at hair school and was chillin’ up front waiting for clients to come in. In my school we had a speaker system and when you had a client they called you over the intercom. So over the speakers Dwight Yoakam comes on and he begins announcing who needs to come to the front desk and pick up their clients. And who are these clients? Steven Tyler, Russell Brand and Dwight Yoakam himself! WTF?!?! I get none of them which pisses me off cuz we all know how awesome I am at rock star hair. And other students are cheering them on and like Steven Tyler is struttin’ and swinging his scarf around all cool. Whatevs.

Next an instructor comes out and tells the rest of us to do book work. Well by them I’m pissed so I’m like, “I’m leaving!” When I go out, right there is Steven Tyler’s cool ass silver limo so I take a pic of it and when I turn around, it is no longer the hair school parking lot, but the Vegas strip and who is standing there? Russell Brand! So I ask him if we can take a pic Facebook style and he says, “that’s the only way!” and we take a few pics and when I leave and get to looking at them, there are other people in them that weren’t standing there. I know right! How rude?!

This is when I decide I need to go back to my hotel. Why am I at a hotel? No clue, it’s a crazy dream remember? So I’ve got this massive suitcase, a purse and bag full of souvenirs from the Vegas strip. I go inside and decide to take these escalators to my room, but they are moving so fast I can’t see when I need to get off. And suddenly it’s like I’m in a Stephen King novel because I’m stuck on these escalators with tons of other people and it doesn’t stop to let you off until it’s your turn to die! So we’re out in the rain and the sun with no food or water and everyone is all tired and creepy and then the escalator dumps us into this open clearing full of mud and we start sinking and that’s when I woke up. Freaky huh?

So, I guess I’ll leave you with that. Until next time. . .

Done now. . .

PS. this blog is brought to you by These Dreams by Heart.

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