Sunday, February 5, 2012

"i'm your private dancer. . ."

Hello my lovelies!

Long time no blog! 

I’m so sorry about that.  I’ve gotten on that vlog kick, but sometimes some things just sound better in written.  For example, cuhrazy dreams.  Whenever you verbally express a cuhrazy dream to someone, they look at you all cuhrazy-like and the cuhraziness of the dream is lost on the fact that you look and sound cuhrazy.  A cuhrazy dream in written form keeps its cuhraziness and then comes across as funny.  As cuhrazy dreams are meant to.

So, onto last night’s cuhrazy dream!

The dream began with me knowing I’ve had an affair with a married man.  I was in a dark room, of course, and crying because he had left me to go back to his wife, which was ok because I knew he would and she was much prettier than me anyway.  Next thing you know, I’m in a swimsuit with a most epic tan and I’m sitting at the top of a water slide, a water slide that begins at the roof of a very huge house.  His house to be exact.  Why am I at his house?  I’m friends with his adult son, who is older than me so this means the man I’ve been having the affair with is super old.  What, what?!  This dream is turning out to be perfect!  Except his son is trying to drown me on the water slide.  So not cool.  My head is under the water and I can see my tan legs kicking up in the air as I struggle to get away.  Finally he stops and asks me to forgive him, he can’t go through with it.  Next thing ya know I’m being hauled up out of the water by none other than David Bowie!  The man I’ve been having the affair with!  Craziness!!  He tells me he’s left his wife, sorry about his son and I would I run away with him.  Hell to the yeah!  Then I wake up with Private Dancer in my head.  

Am I a slut?  

Done now. . .  :)

PS.  This blog is brought to you by Tina Turner’s Private Dancer.