Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"it's only forever, not long at all. . ."

Hello my lovelies!

How have ya’ll been?

I’ve been pretty good. . .I’m on my little medical leave from work and sadly enough, I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to feel bored!  I thought I would be insanely bored within the first couple of days but no, I’ve been on the go even if it hasn’t involved leaving the house!

Bug informed me last week that she wanted a Labyrinth birthday party and I’ve been doing all kinds of research, cake/decorating thinking.  I got some great things at the Peddler’s Mall the other day with Tiffers:

a sneak peek

The peaches came with the little wire bowl for like $6, the beads were $1 and the dessert stand was kind of expensive, $18. . .but if you know me, you know I like to throw a party so it will come in handy not only for Bug’s bday, but for mine and many more to come.  And I bought these light up globe things for $2.  Hopefully they work, I still haven’t gotten around to checking ’em.  I think I’m pretty good on the decoration home front. . .the main thing I need to buy are some feather boas (which I found super cheap on ebay) and some more beads.  I actually got to looking around and we have stuff in the house I can use for decorations too.  For example, my awesome Stevie-ish shawls that I’ve used as drape-y things, I’ve got two.

And Tiffers has more than enough owls that we can use, we’ve got TONS of awesome candle holders and candles around the house and two Labyrinth posters. . .I bought these little masks that we’re going to decorate so all the kids have their own masquerade ball mask.  Then I bought some cream colored lollipops and had them personalized with:  as the world falls down.  That one is a surprise.

What else?  I’ve been being very crafty too. . .trying to stay busy so I don’t want to eat.  Made over 20 bows last night:

And I’ve made 4 button bracelets.

Bug is currently sitting in my room as I type, counting out her change (it’s all over my floor) and blaring Underground on my TV (she’s watching the video) for like the 5th time.  I love it when my mom is like, “I’m going blah, blah, blah.”  “You taking your baby?”  “No.”  “Thanks for asking.”  It’s not like I’m going anywhere or I’m going to tell her no, but it’s the point of being asked, not being told.  She’s sick though. . .again.  At least it wasn’t strep, she’s had it twice in as many months, but they said if they can’t get her allergies under control she’s going to have to start getting the shots.

As for all my medical/doctor-yness, I went and had all my tests done and won’t find anything out until I go back on the 7th.  These medical bills are killing me.  Good thing we’ve been having AMAZING sales through Bugglette’s otherwise this birthday stuff wouldn’t be happening.  Mom took the bows and bracelets to the school where she volunteers and sold $80+.  I love the etsy site, but it just doesn’t sell as well, which is why we are very much considering getting a little booth at the Peddler’s Mall.  I’m kinda excited at that thought. . .

One good thing, the swelling in my feet have kinda gone down.  One looks practically normal and it hasn’t looked like that for months!  My back still stays pretty sore, but it’s nice just to be off of it and be able to sit down when it hurts.

Well, I’ve got some crafting/Bugglette’s business to do to.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  this blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Underground.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"and if you don't love me now you will never love me again. . ."

Hello my lovelies!

Seems like I’ve gotten a second wind tonight. . .don’t know where it came from.  Hmm. . .probably that 2 hour nap I had earlier.  I sleep like dookie at night but I am an awesome napper!

Today was my last day of work for a couple weeks, hopefully be back by the beginning of April which is my plan.  Got to go have some tests done Tuesday.  Not looking forward to that or how much it’s going to cost me.  Lots of things I got to get sorted during my time off.  I’m kinda sad about it. . .

Now, time for randomness! 

1.  Ice-T is a pretty decent actor.  I’ve watched a couple of Law & Order Special Victims Unit marathons as of late and he is a passable actor.

2.  David Bowie IS everywhere!  Rebel Rebel is in the trailer for the movie Arthur and his greatest hits album is on an ipod/iphone something or other commercial.

3.   David Gray’s song Forgetting is played during a preview for a lifetime movie.

4.  My headache FINALLY went away.

5.  My feets look almost normal again!

6.  I’ve gotta shave my legs and polish my toenails before I go to the doctor on Tuesday.  Not looking forward to either of those things at all.

7.  I’m running out of room to hang up posters!  I need a spot to hang up my awesome(ly crushed no thanks to the post office) David Bowie poster.

8.  I’m also pretty happy with my weight loss at the moment.  Down 18 pounds which is pretty suhweet.  And apparently it’s almost the exact amount of weight I’d gained since this time last year.  That’s what a vacation will do to ya unfortunately.  Delicious at the time, murder on the body.

Looky what’s watching me as I type.  She’s so annoying when she wants to be loved.

Gracie Woo Who

It is still pretty gorgeous out right now, definitely my kinda of weather.  Think I’m gonna sit here on the ‘puter for a bit with the window open, blare me some music/watch Law & Order SVU and have me a 0 points plus beer (uber eww but it’s 0 points!).

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by the awesomness that is Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain.

PSS  I am very partial to The Dance.

PSSS  Lindsey Buckingham was my very first rock star crush. . .him and his shoulder shake.  *sigh*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a Grandpa chair blog. . .

Hello my lovelies!

Two blogs in one day, but just wanted to share this little story with ya.

Crazy story that is, that happened last week.  And if you’re superstitious like me, you’ll really enjoy this. 
When my Grandpa passed away my Granny gave me his chair, ie the chair he sat in to watch TV.  It’s this really awesome high back, winged chair with wooden feet.  We now call it The Grandpa Chair and for this blog sake, TGC.

The Grandpa Chair/my bed.

When my back first started going all wonky and I couldn’t sleep in my bed, it was the only thing I could sleep in for any extended period of time comfortably.  Well, it’s definitely worn and in need of repair, he got it second hand anyway.  When I came home from my doctor’s appointment last week and sat in one of the chairs in the living room it was so comfy and squishy, much more so than TGC which I have broken in even more;  I’ve got pillows stuffed underneath the cushion to make it more fluffy.  I was so owy from being out all day, that chair was just like heaven, I could sleep in it. 

Even Craig finds it comfy.

Which gave me an idea.  As much as it pained me to do so, I asked my mom if I could put that chair in my room and she could take TGC.  She agreed saying it was in better condition that the TGC and might be easier on mu back.  This is where the story get’s wild. . .

I helped mom as much as I could in trying to maneuver it out.  It wasn’t working, but it should because we got it in there right?  That’s what one would think.  We finally got it around the entertainment center and my dresser when it absolutely refused to go through the door.  Flat out refused.  My mom even made the comment, “maybe it’s not meant to be.”  I mean, if the chair had hands and feet and a mouth, it would be hanging onto that door frame and screaming, “don’t make me go!”  But I needed that other chair, it was in my mind and it wasn’t gonna go away.  So we took the door off. 

After about 45 minutes we finally got it out.  Now it’s time to get the other chair in.  Fast forward another 45 minutes and it’s finally in my room.  I throw my afghan over it, my red blanket on the back and my trusty Harry Potter pillow made lovingly for me by my friend Sara’s grandmother.  It was a little big and took up more room than TGC, but it was oh so soft.

The rest of the day I spend sitting in it on and off watching TV, crafting and it was fine.  Come bedtime, I could have cried.  In fact I did cry.  A few times.  That chair was so UNCOMFORTABLE!  My back hurt 5 times more than usual, my leg was throbbing and because the back of the chair had a curvature to it, I didn’t really have a place to lay my head so my neck and my head were stiff and sore come morning.  I remember waking up and one time, (I woke up about every 30 – 45 minutes all night long and finally gave up about 6 am and watched Ella Enchanted on The Family Channel.  Had never seen it before, it was OK.  Had Hugh Dancy in it and that was about the best part.  lol) and said outloud, “I want my Grandpa chair.”

Later when I heard movement outside that other people were up I told my mom, “I’m sorry, but I need my other chair back.  Like now.”  She wasn’t too happy with me at that moment but here’s the freaky part.  We got the door down in like 5 minutes.  The other chair went out in like 2 and TGC made it back through the door in one.  How freaky is that?  That chair is meant to be in my room.

And I really don’t find this odd at all because other weird things have happened since my Grandpa’s passing that just make sense and make me glad to know that they never really leave.

fun times in TGC.

me, Tiffers and Grandpa.  

"i felt a warm, warm breeze that melted metal and steel. . ."

Hey, hey my lovelies!

It’s been a real shitty week and a half or so for me so let’s get that boring bit out of the way so I can post some pics and probably talk a little Bowie. . .

The swelling in my feet, while I thought I had it under control was not under control.  Went to my doctor and basically got chewed out and told I’d let the problem go on for too long and my feet could possibly stay that ginormous forever!  Wwwwhhhaaaa!!!  My pulse was way up, which in my defense I hadn’t had any pain meds for 3 days. . .you try walking from the parking lot to your doctors office crooked and dragging your leg behind you and see if your pulse rate isn’t up!  And then be blames it on coffee and fatness.  Whatevs.  Then he told me I need to just quit my job and apply for disability because basically the damage has been done.  Talk about feeling super awful and depressed when I left there.  Had to stay home from work for 2 days, cried a little, ate some not Weight Watcher friendly Chinese food and slept.

I did have fun getting out of the house on Saturday and going to my friend’s son’s birthday party and getting to chat with my buddies.  Friends are awesome!

Managed to make it to work and am going to finish out the rest of the week and then take a little medical leave.  Get the tests done my douchy doctor ordered and possibly look into maybe filing for partial disability.  I really don’t wanna. 

Now happy things.  Tiffers came back home for a visit and we went craft shopping.

And she brought me gifts!

How awesome are they?!  I LOVE records, I use them to decorate with. . .

*continues 3 days later*

Hello again!

I am so scatter brained as of late.  Lots of things on my mind.  Weight Watchers, my back, my pain meds (as in when I didn’t have ‘em for like 3 days, that was fun), my job, money, ribbon, expanding the Bugglette’s, how I really, really wanna sleep in my bed. . .I even let Bug go to school looking like a cotton ball for a week (I didn’t flat iron her hair).  

How about something less complicated.  Bug’s insane love for the cheesetastic 80’s Bowie song Time Will Crawl.  This is the point in Bowie’s career where he really sold out to all the 80’sness.  I’m talking fluffy mullet, he looks like Daryl Hall from Hall and Oats, and one of the worst 80’s outfits ever.  And the outfits the other people are wearing and the dancing?!  Oh the crazy dancing!  They dance beat up Bowie!

She’s blaring it at like 6:30 AM every weekday.  Every time I hear that electronic sound I cringe.  And she’s always like, “I love his hair!  And his pajama pants are so cute!”  And don’t forget to check out the 2:20 mark.  It’s unforgettable. . .

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Time Will Crawl.

PSS  Check out these lyrics!

I've never sailed on a sea
I would not challenge a giant
I could not take on the church
Time will crawl
Till the 21st century lose

I know a government man
He was as blind as the moon
He saw the sun in the night
He took a top-gun pilot and he
He made him fly thru a hole
Till he grew real old
And he never came down
He just flew till he burst

Time will crawl
Till our mouths
run dry
Time will crawl
Till our feet
grow small
Time will crawl
Till our tails
fall off
Time will crawl
till the 21st century lose

I saw a black black stream
Full of white eyed fish
And a drowning man
With no eyes at all
I felt a warm warm breeze
That melted metal and steel
I got a bad migraine
That lasted three long years
And the pills that I took
Made my fingers disappear

Time will crawl, time will crawl
Time will crawl
Till the 21st century lose

You were a talented child
You came to live in our town
We never bothered to scream
When your mask came off
We only smelt the gas
As we lay down to sleep

Time will crawl
and our heads bowed down
Time will crawl
and our eyes fall out
Time will crawl
and the streets run red
Time will crawl
till the 21st century lose

Time will crawl
and our mouths run dry
Time will crawl
and our feet grow small
Time will crawl
and our tails fall off
Time will crawl
till the 21st century lose

Time will crawl
and our heads bowed down
Time will crawl
and our eyes fall out
Time will crawl
and the streets run red
Time will crawl
till the 21st century lose

For the crazy child
We'll give every life
For the crackpot notion

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"it's in the white of my eyes. . ."

Hello, hello my lovelies!

How goes it on this cold, dreary Sunday?  Well, in KY anyway. . .

Had lots of fun with my bff buddy Heather last night player poker. . .oh the stories I could tell you (Heather was sexually harassed, twice, I threw up from my skanky cooking, frosting fruit dip worth 480 WW points, apparently me and Heather win at poker more when we intentionally try to lose, Marcus the gossiper, and we had an acoustic guitar duel with sadly no winner)  but I better not. . .for legal reasons.  Let’s just say you should never drink from the green bottle.

And apparently I drunk Bowie-ed Tiffers last night.  I don’t apologize.  Drunk!Bowie-ing is the new drunk dialing.  Remember that.  It’s what all the cool kids are doing. . .I would show you a pic of what I sent her, but I don’t have one of those little cord thingys so I can get the pic off my phone. . .sorry.

Onto other things. . .today has totally sucked for me.  Didn’t sleep worth a dookie, back is killing me, I’m running out of meds, have to have blood drawn AND go to the doctor.  The latter two being the worst.  I freakin’ hate the doctor.  HATE.  Not the doctor personally, although there is one in Louisville who is on my shit list, I just hate going.  Period.  And they want me precious blood!  I need that!

More other things. . .I FINALLY got my Bowie DVD from Argentina!

And it was totally worth the wait!  As soon as I got home Saturday me and the Bug immediately had to watch Strangers When We Meet and she absolutely had to see Jump They Say, Underground and As The World Falls Down.

And doesn’t Strangers When We Meet look totally awesome on my new big tv?!?!?!

Plus I got my Bowie Storytellers CD/DVD.  Watching it now and he’s hilarious. . .then again, I already knew this.  Just wanted you to know. . .so watch some interviews. . .

“Or was I watching The Travel Channel??”  You’d just have to see it. . .

Back to the subject of doctor:  Oh I don’t wanna go to the doctor. . .*sigh*  But I need to. . .my back is fucking with my weight loss and I’m about to put my swollen, juicy foot in it’s ass!  Which technically means I’d be putting my own foot in my own ass since it’s my back. . .so scratch that.  I’m just gonna remedy the situation.  That sound better and less creepy?


And remember me telling you in my last blog that I had gained 4 pounds in a week at my last weigh in and I was retaining water in my feet?  Well this is apparently what 2 pounds of water in a foot looks like. . .just guessing.  This foot is a little fatter than the other one. . .

Well I’m off now. . .got some Bugglette’s business to conduct and some product pictures to take.  Maybe.  Meds are beginning to wear off. . .may just sit in front of the tv and watch some Bowie. . .

Done now. . .  :)

PS This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s China Girl, Storytellers version. . .

Friday, March 4, 2011

"'i'm never coming back!' they heard him cry and i believe him. . ."

Hey hey my lovelies!

How ya’ll doing?

Me?  Are ya ready for this?  This has been the worst day ever!  Went in for my weigh in and I’ve gained 4 pounds!  WTF?!?  In a week?!?!  And I’ll tell ya what it is, it’s because I’m retaining water again in my feet.  I could show you a pic to prove it, but my feet look like the marshmallow man’s right now and it’s not pretty cuz they’re kinda purple and red.  Then when me and my mom get to the meeting everyone is like, “oh you’re missing one.”  Yup, Tiffers.  Now I be extra sad cuz not only I am 4 pounds fatter again, I miss my sister.  *whine!*

After we sit there awhile, I decide to make an emergency trip to my doctor.  Yes, I’m bad I know for skipping out on the WW meeting, but this is serious here.  I’m not going to lose 13 pounds only to start gaining it back in feet water.  Have I mentioned how owy I was this morning?  Well I was.  So we drive the like 30 minutes from the WW meeting to my doctor, get there and there is no flabatomist.  It’s a Friday and they have a very large sign that says ‘no labs on Wednesdays’ not ‘no labs on Fridays.’  So now I have to go back Monday.  *sigh*

What else?  We’re having a poker party on Saturday, go to the Wal-Mart in Radcliff and they are out of practically everything I need.  Seriously?  Can today get any worse?  Yes, it can.  Guess what still didn’t come in the mail today?  If you guessed my David Bowie DVD’s then you’d be right.  And to top it all off Phil Collins is quitting the music business!  Wwwwwhhhhhaaaaaa!!!!!!

Ok.  Enough.

I did get this in the mail a few days ago.

Tin Machine is a band Bowie formed after all his poppy 80’sness.  Apparently they weren’t too horrible and the thing most critics complained about was Bowie’s beard.  Lame.  I personally don’t like the album.  I’ve only half listened to it though. . .maybe I need to give it another chance.

Well, I guess I’m done ranting and whining for today.  Gonna go make some hair bows. . .

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by one of my fav Phil Collins’ solo songs, Don’t Lose My Number.

PSS  Wonder if Billy lost his number?

PSSS  check out my friend Amber’s blog to see Bugglette’s (mine and Tiffers etsy shop) as her Feature Friday.  You might find a coupon surprise in there!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"the tension is here, between who you are and who you could be, between how it is and how it should be. . ."

Hey, hey my lovelies!

How ya’ll been?!

Well it’s been a crazy day for me.  My bestest bestie in all of the world moved out, ie my sister.  And all the way to Shelbyville!  So far!  And I have to say, I know it’s an excuse, but I could really care less, I’ve been stress eating.  I said it was because (men cover your ears) I was about to start my period, but not really.  I was just sad.

This morning I had to go to work and her and my parents were going while I was at work to take her and her massive load of stuffs to her new place.  So when I left I gave her a big hug (and my $32 dollar perfume!) and bawled like a big ‘ol baby.  i mean, she was going to be gone when I got home and it made me sad.  Luckily I have the most AWESOME manager in the world and she let me scoot out early so I could go with ‘em.  So we had a lovely car ride, unloaded bunches of stuffs (well not me cuz my back is a bastard, I took lots of pics) had deelishus Taco Bell then came back home.  And even though I told her when she left this time I wouldn't cry, I lied.  I bawled like a baby yet again.

And yes she’ll be back, I know this, but it’ll never be the same.  What can I say, I loves my thither.

Onto other things or I’m going to cry again. . .I’m about to have to get nasty with Argentina.  ‘Argentina?’ you ask.  ‘Why Argentina?  That’s totally random.’  Because that is where I ordered my David Bowie greatest hits DVD’s and they’re still not here.  They said 12 days.  I say I ordered them the 8th of February, it didn’t get mailed until the 18th of February and it’s 2 days late.  That’s a hell of a long time!  I’m gonna give ‘em until the end of the week. . .bad thing, I’ve ordered 2 other things from ‘em too!  *sigh*

But I did get these in the mail over the last few days. . .

So yeah. . .back to my Weight Watchers badness.  It’s not like I’ve been over eating, I’ve just had to dip into my weekly points, twice, and while that is totally allowed, I’ve yet to use them before.  It just feels like I’m cheating even though I’m not. . .if that makes any sense.  But that Taco Bell is sitting like a rock in my stomach.  Actually more like a boulder.  Yuck, yuck, yuck.  Plus I had a donut. . .I'm so bad!

Well I think I’m done for the night. . .I’ve gots a headache and my back be 'long car ride' owy. . .

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by Switchfoot’s Dare You To Move. . .