Thursday, February 24, 2011

"all your regrets ride roughshod over me. . ."

Hey, hey my lovelies!

How ya’ll doing today? 

It’s rainy and gloomy here, the perfect day to sleep in or snuggle on the couch and watch movies.   I got woken up earlier than I had planned this morning.  *sigh*  I’ve got black out curtains in my room so while it was already 10 am, it felt like 5 and my leg was very much protesting starting about 6:30 so I took a muscle relaxer (which I haven’t taken in months) and decided a little sleep in would help.  Granted I can go to bed at 11 but I wake up about every 2 hours to shift positions cuz the pain wakes me up so I really don’t get much sleep. . .lucky for me I have a high pain tolerance and require little sleep to function normally.  Or it’s just what I’ve become accustomed to lately. . .hate to see what it’s gonna be like when I get old!

Well I’ve had yet another epic oat meal fail this morning.  I’m really learning to love oat meal in the mornings.  It’s very filling and keeps me full longer than cereal and I'm not an egg person in the morning.  I hate eggs and ham-y things.  Yuck!  So I decided to try a slow cooker recipe this way when I get up I’ve got breakfast done.  The first time I used the wrong type of oats, the quick cooking ones.  When I awoke the next morning it looked like soup.  Eww!!  I assumed that when they say use steel cut oats, they mean use steel cut oats.  Yesterday I bought some, put my oats and water and brown sugar and a little maple flavoring in the crock pot with the knowledge that I’d fixed what I’d done wrong the first time.  I set out my dried fruit and raisins and woke up to this:

That looks like baby diarrhea and I am not putting that in mouth.  Gross!  What am I doing wrong?  I’m going to try it one more time with less water and if it fails again, I was just not meant to eat slow cooker oatmeal.

*We now interrupt your regularly scheduled blog with a rant*

“I want my David Bowie DVD’s NOW!  It was supposed to be here yesterday at the latest and it’s still not here today!  One day late!  WTF?!?!  I know it’s coming from Argentina, but come on!  And I’ve ordered two other Bowie things from them, but this is the one I really want because it’s 2 DVD’s of his videos and it has Strangers When We Meet on it and I wanna watch it on my cool new big TV. . .like yesterday!  WWWHHHAAAA!!!!”

*We  now return you to your regularly scheduled blog*

I ate the most awful Healthy Choice meal ever today.  I thought the pot stickers were kinda nasty but I ate ‘em anyway, this balsamic chicken and vegetables was just evil.  I do not recommend that one.  Eww, eww, eww.  I tossed it and made me a 200 calorie Digorno pizza for 5 points.  Yum!

Ok, just got home and was starving at ate 19 points!  But it’s all good, I had more points than that available to eat but now I’m stuffed!

And I’m gonna jump off here now. . .gotta get my clothes ready for tomorrow, get a shower. . .gotta weigh in early.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Strangers When We Meet. . .just cuz I haven’t posted it in a long time. . .and because I ranted about it. . .your welcome.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"now i'm leaking life faster than i'm leaking blood. . ."

Hey there my lovelies!

How ya’ll doing today?

I’m actually feeling a little awesome.  I was away from work for 4 days.  Three I was off, one I called in cuz I thought I was gonna die, but that’s in a previous blog.  Anyway, I really missed my hair peeps!  I was so glad to go into work today!  My doctor told me on my last visit, with my back being as crappy as it is, I should really consider another profession, but I can honestly say I can’t imagine doing anything else.  So yeah.  Guess I’m just gonna have to suck it up.

Remember a couple of blogs ago I explained my absolute love got Taco Bell’s fiesta potatoes?  And I went to Taco Bell one day and there was an entire family eating them and I had to leave for fear I would attack them for their potatoes?  I’d take out the Grandma first, she seemed the least likely to put up a fight and then I’d hobble away as quickly as my back would let me.  Remember?  No?  Well I’ve pretty much told you the short version of the story so now you’re caught up. 

Now here’s the Rose Nylund version of my new fiesta potato story:  When I got off work today we had to take Bug to Fazzoli’s to get her some alfredo.  It smelled so delicious in the car and I didn’t have lunch so I decided on a couple of tacos from Taco Bell, 4 points a piece.  Get me the tacos, a diet coke and when we get to the window for her to give us the food she says, “There’s a potato in your bag because we accidently made extra.”  Wha?  What?  A free fiesta potato?  That I’m not supposed to eat?  Oh the irony of it all!!!!!  I even said out loud, “man I want a fiesta potato, but I really don’t need it.”  And it was like the powers of the universe answered back, “yes, you need this fiesta potato!  Go forth and eat it!”  So yeah, anyway, they are 7 points.  That’s an entire Smart Ones, Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine meal.  And I ate it.  And just one taco.  That’s an 11 point lunch and lunch should be around 12 so it’s all good.  Quite literally.  Those were the best fiesta potatoes ever!  And they were so hot and fresh.  Yeah.  My fiesta potato monster has been satisfied for awhile.  lol

Yeah.  That’s the end of my blog now.  Enjoy some David Gray.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you David Gray’s The One I Love.

PSS  This is my all time fav DG song and one day it will be a tattoo. . .

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"and the sound of tomorrow, like a black hearted vile thing. . ."

Hey hey my lovely blog readers!

How ya’ll doing?!?!

Random thought on my brain:  The mom in Raising Hope (which is freakin’ hilarious) played in The Goonies.  Who’d have thunk it?

Today started out super crappy.  Had to get up early and go to a hair class (which was super AWESOME; we learned all about the Sexy product line, a new way to cut hair, an up do and got a goody bag.  Yays!) and the chair I had to sit in for 2 hours was absolute torture on my back.  Then me and my friend went to Cracker Barrel to eat and those chair were worse if that is at all possible!  I was so miserable!  But I took some meds and felt a little better, tolerable anyway and managed to make it to the hair store to get color for my hair and hobbled my way through the craft store long enough to get some pink buttons and ribbon.

And I am so proud of myself when I went to Cracker Barrel because I looked up all the nutrition information the night before and while I didn’t get the oat meal as planned, I just wasn’t in the mood for it, I got a small breakfast of potatoes and steak biscuit.  12 points.  And it was deelish and I didn’t feel guilty afterwards.

Last night's dinner was pretty yum too.  It seems since we’ve been dieting our food horizon has broadened and we’re not eating the same ‘ol things.  Mainly because we can’t eat it.  Cuz they be bad.  We had steak fajitas and refried beans.

One thing that did make me uber happy today. . .I got Bowie in the mail!

That is a 45 I believe.  And yes, I do have the thingy to play it on, it just needs a needle.  So yeah.

I also got the Live Aid DVD from Netflix, but when I read the Netflix description, it said ‘highlights of performances.’  I didn’t think it meant a whole DVD of like 45 second clips of the performances.  Poor Bug was so disappointed.  She said she was sad and wanted to throw it out the window.  Guess I’m gonna be adding the 4 disc one to my queue. . .

Well, my back is killer right now.  Think I’m going to make it an early night.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s You’ve Been Around, a left over song from Tin Machine.

PSS  Gotta love his suhweet dance moves. . .PSYCH!  Like how I did that?  That was pretty cool, huh?

PSSS  There is also a duet version that he sings with Sirius Black from Harry Potter ie. Gary Oldman.  And yes I know he’s not just Sirius, he’s also the cool Dracula and the awesome villain in The Fifth Element, my personal fav, but that’s what he’s most known for right now. . .and that version is much more rock and I enjoy it immensely. . .and Gary Oldman has some singing chops too. . .

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"sometimes you get so lonely, sometimes you get nowhere. . ."

Hey there my lovely blog readers!

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged.  Sorry.  Mainly because it’s been kinda depressing around here for me.  Where to even begin?  Wednesday me, Tiffers, mom, Granny and Bug all went to see Tiffers and Chris’ new place and out to eat with his parents.  That was lovely.  The ride there not so good.  Three hours in the cramped backseat was not good at all for my back.  By the time I got home I thought I was going to die.  At one point, it hurt so bad I thought I thought I was gonna puke in the back seat.  Not cool.

Then I had to work the next day at 9.  My back is 10 times worse in the morning anyway, but this day it was like 50 times worse, but I totally made it cuz I’m stubborn like that.  Cut some hair, made me a little cash, came home and rested all day. 

Friday.  The only good thing about Friday was my tax return came in.  Suh-weet!  We had an entire days worth of shopping planned.  I’ve been putting off all kinds of things I need to do and buy until my taxes came in.  For example, I’ve been watching a blue tv for months!  Plus my meds, for a one month supply is like $70 so I’ve got without for a little bit until I had the cash to refill it again.  It sucks not having insurance.  Someday though.  First thing we did was weigh in.  I was so freakin’ disappointed that when I talked to my WW leader, I could have cried.  I didn’t lose anything.  I’d maintained my exact weight from last week to the decimal.  I’d been following my plan exactly.  So yeah.  That was that.  And by the time we’d been done shopping, I was dead.  Quite literally.

Saturday I get up to go to work and my leg is screaming in pain.  I get my shower, hair done, make-up on.  I can’t bend over to put my socks on.  I try a couple of times and just cry.  I’m miserable.  You have no idea how horrible it is not to be able to put your own socks and shoes on.  (Lots of thanks to my mom and Tiffers for helping me out some mornings!  *muah*)  Finally get my socks and shoes on. . .by this time I’m still kinda crying but I’m dressed, got my apron on and ready to go.  Poor Bug is freaking out because I’m crying and keeps asking, “Is she gonna die?!”  I’m in the car, still crying and finally it’s like, “I just can’t do this today.”  So I didn’t make it to work Saturday.

Pretty much had a crappy, crying in my chair, sleeping most of the kind of day.  But Tiffers brought me home a get well gift.

And I got prettied up and took this today.  It only took me like 3 hours to get ready is all. . .

Today has been better.  I feel a little better, probably thanks to my meds I haven’t had in awhile and I absolutely had to go out and buy diet food.  Had too.  There was absolutely nothing here to eat that was good for us or wasn’t some sort of snack that would fill us up for a long period of time.  And I am definitely NOT going to screw up again.  I better lose at least a pound next week or I’m just gonna bawl.  We’ve all been working so hard at this. . .

As for my back, I think my biggest problem is that I have been feeling so AWESOME the past couple of weeks I just completely over did it, to the extreme.  I’d been shopping, work has been super busy, went on a cleaning spree (not because it was dirty, but because it’s exercise) and overall just trying to MOVE.  I am very limited as to what exercises I can do, per my doctor, but as long as I MOVE it counts, right?  Yes, but I’m paying for it now.

And everyone in this house needs something done with their hair!  Grrr!!!  Except for Tiffers. . .this time anyway.  And I be owy and no one seems to care.  *sad face again*

Also, my new fav Bowie song, Be My Wife.  Why yes, yes I will.  Love it.  It’s super simple, one verse, one chorus repeated but timed differently.  It’s one of those songs you wish was longer, but glad it isn’t.  Muy excellente!  Bug said she doesn’t like it.  I’m hoping I get some of my Bowie in the mail tomorrow.  That would be a wonderful pick me up.  Music is definitely a drug for me that makes me feel better. . .

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Be My wife.

PSS  The guitar on this song is killer.

PSSS  This is how I want to be proposed to. 

PSSSS  check out the “aww” moment at 2:27. . .

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"she'll turn the radio high, find a station playing sad sad soul, just a little bit louder now. . ."

In the words of Fat Albert, “hey, hey, hey!”

How goes it everybody?!

So far so good. . .woke up to some craziness this morning.  The first time I woke up was around 5ish and my back was hurting so bad that just blinking was making me she shake.  Went back to sleep a few more times and finally I had to get something to drink so I could take some meds.  Then after I did that, I had this crazy, crazy dream.  I know right?  Mandy?  Having a crazy dream?  Impossible!  But yes it happened! 

I dreamed I had this huge bedroom, but I’d never noticed it was so huge before and people had been cramming their stuff in there.  So I’m like, “Oh, this has got to go.  I’m going to rearrange.”  Then I’m rearranging furniture, throwing out everyone’s random stuffs into the hallway and then it’s time to tackle my closet.  I begin taking things out and I notice that there is a black toy snake wrapped around one of the clothes hangers.  Most of us should know my feelings on snakes.  I HATE them.  Enough said.  My mom comes in and is getting it off the hanger when suddenly it moves and lunges at me and at that instant my alarm goes off which is, “She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean. . .”  (Yes, my alarm is set to You Shook Me All Night Long because it is one of the loudest ringtones on my phone.  It used to be the guitar riff to Sweet Child ‘O Mine, but now I hate that song because it has interrupted my sleep for months!)  Anyway, that literally scared the crap outta me and jerk up screaming and because I screamed I freaked out even more and Craig comes in there barking like he’s about to take control if the situation.  Whatevs. . .good thing no one else was home or I’d possibly never live this down.

Last night I made some chicken salad.  Usually I loves the chicken salad.  (Can ya see this is already going to be a sad whiny story?)  But I this night, I made it healthy.  I used my usual chicken breast, grapes, pineapple and celery seed, but I measured out the walnuts and that nasty low cal, low fat, no taste mayonnaise.  When it was all done, it still smelled like it usually did so that was good, but I decided to give the Butt!Bread one more chance.  Someone told me that when you offer a child food, it takes 3 tries before they can make a decision on it.  So, I am sometimes still child like so I apply this logic to myself and my enthusiasm to conquer this double fiber wheat Butt!Bread.  I measure out my half cup of chicken salad, put it on my Butt!Bread and take it to my room.  The chicken salad was ok (the mayo sucks, but I’ll live) but that bread, oh that horrible, horrible Butt!Bread ruined it!

I mean look at that, it’s practically oozing fiber!  You can see the bits in it!  And when you first take a bite of it, it’s all soft and airy, but once that air is gone, it’s like chewing on a tree trunk.  But I forced it down just so as not to waste it, but no more Butt!Bread for me.  I gave it my child like 3 tries and that’s it!

Oh my gosh. . .and just give me my moment to whine (again). . .*moment begins*but my back hurts like 20 times more than it has in awhile!  Geez!  And I really don’t wanna take anymore meds but I haven’t found one spot that’s comfortable since I’ve been home!  And all I wanna do is lay down in my bed and sleep, but that ain’t happening!*moment ends*

*takes a deep breath*

Time for Bowie.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s She’ll Drive the Big Car. . .

PSS  Love his intense harmonica stare at 2:47.  lol

PSSS  Thank you for letting me whine. . .twice.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

"fall dog is cruel and smart, smart time breaks the heart, fall dog bombs the moon. . ."

Hey hey my wonderful blog readers!

How goes it?

Been another couple of days since I’ve yacked at ya, but to be honest, I haven’t felt that good.  Wanna hear about?  No?  *in ominous echo*  Then turn back now!   So anyway, very early Sunday morning I wake up with that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’m going to be sick.  I proceed to go back to sleep.  Number 1:  my back hurt and I didn’t wanna get up.  Number 2:  I don’t sleep very well at all and didn’t wanna get up.  Well, by the time I absolutely had to get up and get ready for work, I barely made it to the bathroom before the contents of my stomach rebelled.  Two more times before I even made it work, too. . .and I was late.  So yeah, crappy Sunday for me. . .

Why was I sick?  The flu?  No.  The stomach virus?  No.  I blame it on my fiber baby.  What is a fiber baby?  Let me tell you.  It was a grilled cheese sandwich I made out of gross tasteless cheese and double fiber wheat bread.  After I ate it, it expanded in my belly and became a fiber baby.  I regretted eating it immediately.  Now, the only reason I even ate the bread is because it is only 1 point per serving whereas regular wheat bread is two.  I thought I was saving myself two points by being healthy and awesome.  Not at all.  It just made me sick and made my back hurt even more than usual from heaving.  But to be honest with ya, I’ll probably eat it again.  That stuff is expensive for it to just sit there only to get thrown away!

Me and Tiffers have dubbed it, Butt!Bread because it tastes like butt.  When I made my grilled cheese I used spray butter (0 points) with a little garlic powder on the outside for some flavor and it was basically as if someone put a clove of garlic in their butt and let it ferment for awhile and I took it and rubbed it on my bread. . .I’m guessing anyway. . .in reality, I would NOT rub Butt!Garlic on any type of bread I was about to eat. . .on somebody elses?  Maybe.  Mine?  Definitely not.

A first for me today, I ate my very first veggie burger and. . .it wasn’t that bad.  I can totally handle a veggie burger.  And I did indulge in tator tots.  They were the appropriate portion size, 10 per serving, and I didn’t use ketchup.  Not because I didn’t want to, but because we didn’t have any.  *whine*  But my dinner only amounted to 14 points (2 servings of tots) and I am uber full.

Yesterday I had a really horrible day with eating.  I didn’t eat anything bad, I didn’t go over my points, but all I did was snack all day.  I didn’t  really eat one proper meal and I consumed most of my food that night.  Remember I was sick most of the day and by the time I got home about 3:30 I was raging hungry!  I had a Smart Ones meal, some Pringles, string cheese, coffee, whole wheat bagel and cream cheese. . .later on I had some Smart Ones bagel bites, more Pringles. . .see how this is going?  So yesterday I decided that I absolutely have to have meals.  This snacking just isn’t going to cut.  I felt like I ate from the time I got home to the time I went to bed and I was still hungry.  Today for breakfast I had oatmeal from McDonalds, 7 points, and kept me full until I got home!  Then for lunch I had a Smart Ones meal and I already told ya what I had for dinner.  Snack later and I should be fine.

Onto other things not food related, I got another Bowie CD in the mail. . .Reality.  Yays!  And I’m loving all of it!

I am really loving, at the moment, She’ll Drive the Big Car and Fall Dog Bombs the Moon.  I have no idea what FDBTM is about or means (I’ve already tried looking it up, but this is a Bowie song and they’re all up for interpretation) but I love the music and melody.  And it’s got the newer version of Rebel Rebel that he played on his last tour. . .whoop whoop!  Damn I wish he’d tour again.  If scrawny ass Mick Jagger can get up on the Grammy stage with his old self and colored hair and sing a 2 minute song 6 minutes too long (seriously, I thought it was never going to end!) then Bowie could do it.  Then again, I’m not Bowie, maybe he doesn’t want to tour anymore. . .which makes me sad.  Although I did hear he’s supposed to have a book coming out soon. . .

Oh and check out Bug’s Valentine.  This is Jareth the Giraffe. . .

And this is her David Bowie Valentine card.  There is a fan made video she likes to watch on youtube of Labyrinth clips set to Taylor Swift’s song Love Story (this is a musical card) so when I found the card last month, I knew exactly what I was going to do!

OK, done now. . .

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Fall Dog Bombs the Moon. . .it starts at 4:05.

PSS  There are moments in this song where it almost sounds like they could break into Hard Luck Woman by Kiss. . .

Saturday, February 12, 2011

"oh no, not me, i never lost control, you're face to face with the man who sold the world. . ."

Hello there my pretties!

How are ya’ll this pretty Saturday?

Well. . .my closet fell last night.  And it made me sad.  So I ignored it until early this morning when I absolutely had to get something out of it.  This is what it looked like.

(after I removed the stuff that hurtled itself at me when I opened the door)

Let’s begin the very long detailed version of how this came to pass, or as my family call many of my stories ‘the Rose Nylund’ version.  Now, I just cleaned it out a few months ago and got rid of a lot of things in there, bought under the bed totes and hid away a ton of random stuffs that I like to hoard.  So it was very roomy. . .or so I thought.  Last night we all went to Barnes and Nobles and I told the Bug that maybe we could find a Bowie book. . .looked and looked and looked.  Didn’t find a thing.  That is until Tiffers nonchalantly walked down the middle where all the bargain books are and found this:

(look at that smile!)

In my last blog, I talked about how I needed a Bowie shelf.  Well, this book just drove that point home.  I decided to get rid of my book shelf and what better place to hide them away than in the closet, right?  Wrong.  So very, very wrong.  Got ‘em all in there nice and neat, got my Bowie shelf set up looking all spiffy. . .

10 minutes later. . .BOOM!  I knew instantly what is was.  But I mean, I really didn’t have that much in there.  Right? 

(that's definitely not too many books)


(or too many clothes. . .and easter baskets. . .and board games. . .)

Well, maybe I did have a few too many things in there.  My bad.  But was the tiny Bowie shelf with less than 10 CDs worth it?  Most definitely.

On a happier note, I’m down four more pounds!  Yays!  And to celebrate I had 10 points at McDonalds and it was totally deelish!  Yays for McDonalds!  Yes, it’s the worst place I could have possibly gone, but the ice cream cones there are only 2 points. . .but I also had me an 8 point french fry and it was totally worth it.  Didn’t even go over my daily points.  Yays!

Well, my daddy put my closet back up so I’ve gotta get all this stuff crammed back in there. . .well, less.  I bought me two totes to hide some more of it away. . .no more room in my bedroom though, this stuff is going in the shed.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s The Man Who Sold the World. . .

PSS  My fav part is the 'oh's' at the end. . .

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"the music is outside. . ."

Hallo spaceboys and girls!

Had a crazy dream last night that I was totally telling someone off.  I’m talking an over indulgent use of the ‘f’ word, lots of other random cuss words and even throwing a few items.  When I woke up I felt much better. . .have you ever had dreams like that? 

I seem to not be doing so well on my Weight Watchers this week, I don’t know what my problem is.  I literally don’t really want to eat.  Maybe cuz I’m really not all that interested in the food we have to choose from.  This morning I had my coffee, my handful of meds and made me half a whole wheat bagel with WW cream cheese (which is practically like the real thing) and had one bite and that was about all I could deal with.  It sat on my desk for over an hour before I finally forced it down and now it’s sitting like a brick in my stomach.  And it wasn’t even like I got up and immediately made it, if that were the case, we’d be talking about puke right now.  lol   I have a very bad gag reflex when it comes to gross looking things and smells.  I will puke on you.  You’ve been warned.  I’m beginning to believe the coffee and my meds fill my tummy up for breakfast.  I can’t drop the meds, but maybe I need to drop the coffee. . .but it’s so hard!

Ok. . .it’s been a few hours and now I am most definitely hungry.  Healthy Choice frozen meal, here I come!  And we’re having chicken tacos tonight for din-din. . .I’ll let ya know how they turn out. . .

Oh my gosh, I am so in love with the Bowie song Outisde.  Love, love love it!  It’s got this epic quality to it, like the music gets bigger and bigger and you think it’s going to explode into this huge crescendo but it hangs back just enough to not turn it into a Meat Loaf song. . .that’s kinda what it reminds me of.  The boom, boom it has going on reminds me of I Would Do Anything For Love in a way. . .I don’t know, but it's so AMZAZING!  The first track, Outside, and the last track, Strangers When We Meet are about the only two songs that make any sort of sense in the mass collection of information that is the Outside album . . .

More Bowie in the mail today!

I’m gonna have to make a special shelf for Bowie since I’m starting to get my collection going.  I’ve got a special shelf for my Goo Goo Dolls, Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks and David Gray

Is that lame?  No.  It’s called being a fan.  What I really need is a book shelf. . .my one slot for books is becoming very, very cramped.  Not to mention  I have them hidden all around my room ie. in the closet and under my bed. . .

. . .well the tacos turned out pretty yummy.  Not so sure about fat free sour cream though. . .mixed in it was ok, but I knew it wasn’t real sour cream and it made me sad on the inside, but I am insanely full. . .

Ohuhmygosh. . .I have GOT to STAY AWAY from EBAY!  I blame it all on yourtube.  It’s all youtube’s fault.  Not mine.  No siree.  I was just minding my own business looking for the Bowie video to put on the PS  when I stumbled on Bowie and NIN performances.  The Hurt duet was just crazy awesome and I see that it’s on VHS via NIN.  So I think, “let me check that out on ebay.” Now  I’ve been browsing Bowie DVD/VHS stuffs for like an hour and I just couldn’t resist this one:  BEST OF BOWIE - 2 DVD SET

I’m so B-A-D!  But I need this!  Really I do!  It’s a must have, I mean look at this track list!

Tracks DVD 1:

Tracks DVD 2:
FAME ´90
STRANGERS WHEN WE MEET  --  this was the MAIN reason I bought it. . .am I bad?

Awesome right?  Right!  That’s right.

Well, think I’ve said all I needed to say for the day.  Been writing this on and off while taking breaks from cleaning, laundry, haircut *insert Alan Rickman video from previous blog*, cooking and I’ve still got to clean Grissom and his stinkyness.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Outside.

PSS  This music is gorgeous. . .

PSSS  Sorry this blog seems so scatter brained. . .I've been writing it on and off since 11 this morning. . .lol

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"when the kids had killed the man i had to break up the band!"

Hey, hey!

How ya’ll doing tonight?!?  Well, the snow has melted today, but I think they are talking about more.  As the Alan Rickman as The Metatron would say “It never ends!”

Don’t believe me?  2:25.  And there’s lots of cussing so beware.

I did horrible on Weight Watchers yesterday.  Horrible.  And for once it wasn’t because I ate too much, I didn’t eat enough, still had like 30 points when I went to bed. . .and I wasn’t hungry, well kinda, but more tired than anything.  We did a lot of running around yesterday and I didn’t eat until after 4 then I was being all crafty like and my tummy didn’t even rumble until 9.  Today is better, I’ve still got 23 points though. . .well now 16.5.  I suddenly had a sweet tooth and made the most awesome fake donut ever.  Half a whole wheat bagel, 1 tablespoon nutella and 2 tablespoons marshmallow cream; 6.5 points.  Hit the spot and now I’m uber full!

*dance break*  Sorry, had to rock a minute to Ziggy Stardust and it apparently annoyed the hell outta Tiffers.  Oops. 

Off tomorrow.  Got lots of bows planned and I’ve got to color my hair again, but first I’ve got to buy color.  *sigh*  Red hair is so much up keep!  But totally worth it. . .I am so totally hyper right now and I don’t know why, could it be the nutella?  Possibly.  But at the moment I’m rockin’ out Cee Lo’s Fuck You and it just puts me in the greatest of moods.  There’s a whole list of people I’d love to say this to, but just playing the song on full blast helps because I’m the type of person, if I ever did tell you that, while I totally meant it I’d probably regret it later.  What can I say?  It’s called a conscious.

Looky what’s in my new Rolling Stone!

I downloaded her new single tonight and I still kinda have mixed emotions about.  I need to give it a few more listens before forming an honest opinion.  The closest they are coming to me though is Illinois and I looked up tickets and they are like $160+ for floor seats and they gave me the very last section all the way in the back in the corner. . .*sigh*  

Well I think that’s about all for the day. . .til tomorrow. . .done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.

PSS  This is as far back into the 70’s Bowie era I dare to go. . .he was scary!  lol

PSSS  Is it Hammer time?

Monday, February 7, 2011

"the heart's filthy lesson with her hundred miles to hell. . ."

Hola my faithful blog readers!

So it was supposed to snow last night, it didn’t.  Not until early in the afternoon when we were greeted these beautiful huge chunks of falling snow.  And it’s the good kind!  The sticky kind perfect for making snowmen!  I’m really, really debating on whether or not I would be able to get out there with Bug for a little bit today, just not sure how well my crappy back would react.  But it would count as some exercise for the day. . .

And in yesterday’s blog, I totally forgot to tell you of my Taco Bell adventure!  So, we had Taco Bell for lunch because it is literally the only place you can eat out and get full and not use up all your points.  Tacos and beans are about all you can have, but oh are they so deelish!  So I’m sitting there eating my crunchy tacos and beans when what I really, really, really want is some fiesta potatoes, but those are 9 points for that teeny tiny bowl!  *sigh*  Well, I get done eating and Bug barely touches her bean burrito and under normal circumstances, I’d be all over that!  She had maybe 4 bites out of it, child size bits mind you, so it was practically the whole burrito.  Mom takes it and wraps it up, slowly, with a small frown on her face and I’m like, “we can split it.”  Yum!  She doesn’t answer.  Then a few minutes later, “do you still wanna split it?”  By now I’ve had too much time to think about it and turn it down.   But then I look across the lobby and there, directly in front of us is a family of 5, all of them chowing down on fiesta potatoes!  Oh how my stomach leapt and wanted one so bad!  And they were all eating them at the same time, wtf?!?  Then the mom and the Grandma were sharing a nacho bell grande that is a wonderfully delicious 20 points!  *whine*  I want!  Finally I’m like, “look we need to leave or I’m about to attack an innocent family for potatoes.”  And we did.  Then went to Peddler’s mall and walked about for about 40 minutes. . .

Alrighty, left and came back. . .went to Wal-Mart to get Bug a new pair of glasses.  We absolutely can not find hers and she's gonna be without them until Monday. . .poor baby.  Anyway, that snow out there sucks.  Big time.  It’s definitely that wet kind of snow that I was talking about earlier and it got all up in my hair and melted and when it dried in Wal-Mart my hair was all crispy and gross.  Eww!  And I have a total crap pair of shoes so my feet were soaked and frozen. . .I am so not going out to play in it now!

We did find Bug a most awesome pair of glasses and how did we do it?  After about 15 minutes of her whining about having to try on so many pairs and not being able to pick them out herself, we told her, “OMG, those totally look like Bowie glasses!” and she was sold.  It’s so easy anymore. . .

Had me a yummy lunch that was only 9 points and I’m uber stuffed. . .6 points of that was baked Doritos, but it was totally worth it!

And I read all of David Bowie/Nathan Adler’s diary on the Outside album and just when I’m like, “this is so totally gross and weird but strangely interesting,” it’s to be continued.  *sigh*  I still have no freakin’ clue what it’s about and Strangers When We Meet is so out of place on this album, but makes total sense.  Weird.   I know.  And I’m kinda starting to like The Hearts Filthy Lesson even though the video is cuhreepy!  Seriously.  Watch it.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s The Hearts Filthy Lesson.

PSS  Yeah, it’s totally weird, but watch it any way, just to say that you did.

PSSS  He’s just totally hot in this one.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"bye bye love. . ."

Hey there blog-o readers!

Didn’t write anything yesterday.  My bad.  I really meant to, but then when I think about yesterday, nothing really awesome happened, except this!

And this!

Got it all in the mail!  Whoop whoop!  That was my ebay shopping spree, one more should still be on it's way. And look at Bug's smile with her new Labyrinth record!  We're redoing her room and we’ve already bought these uber cute guitar sheets and I’ve found her a black comforter with this cute little white design on it.  We’ve got all her Labyrinth prints framed, her one huge Labyrinth poster and then her Goo Goo Dolls collage framed.  She’s always talking about how she loves my room and when she gets big she wants one just like it and I’ve got records sitting around so I bought her her very first one.  . .I wish I had a picture of her face when she opened it, it was priceless!

And I am so in love with my Strangers When We Meet single. . .like ya’ll are surprised right?  lol  And the ‘live’ version of The Man Who Sold The World, sounds more like a remix than something live.  Outside is just kinda out there. . .I know it’s a concept album, but other than SWWM I’m not sure I like much of anything else, although I still haven’t fully listened to it or read all of the ‘Nathan Adler’s Diary.’  I’m off tomorrow and will definitely devote some time to it and let ya’ll know what I think about it then. . .like I’m sure your dying to hear about it. . .

Weight Watchers has been going pretty, hmm, decent?  Yesterday at work, we had our monthly lunch that the shop pays for and we decided to go to Snappy Tomato (which makes pizza) but they had salad on the menu too.  My manager is also on WW so we got a salad and decided to split some baked pasta.  When we get the salad she goes back there to eat hers and is like, “Oh no, Mandy, look at this.”  It is covered in cheese, ham and pepperoni!  Oh noes!  First of all, I don’t like ham anyway, no problem there.  But I so love some pepperoni and cheese.  Yum!  I ended up picking off the ham, red onion, these banana pepper things, some of the cheese and some of the pepperoni, which means I’m basically left with a lot of lettuce and black olives.  I put the dressing on it, some sort of Italian stuff and yuck!  I forced down a few bites and put it in the fridge and told the rest of the peeps there whoever wanted it could have it.  Then I open the pasta and notice my manager has only eaten about a ¼ of it.  It’s covered in tomato sauce and the cheese has been baked to a golden bubbly with about ½ an inch of grease sitting on top of it.  It looked deelish!  Which means it was crazy, insanely BAD for me.  But I did have 3 bites, put it away (very reluctantly I might add) and ate my granola bar and banana I had in my purse.  (Is it weird that I always have a banana in my purse now?)  Not going to be eating anymore evil Snappy Tomato anytime soon. . .Taco Bell is going to be my safest bet if I ever want to eat out again. . .

Today has gone much, much better. . .even if I did sneak a bite of Bug’s pizza.  But I’m admitting it right, so that’s good?  I had a really good dinner; salad, Smart Ones alfredo and broccoli and a piece of bread.

OMG. . .listening the Outside album while I type and it’s so weird!  So very, very weird!  Although I am beginning hear bits and pieces of how it all flows together when listened to continuously . . .and Hallo Spaceboy is just the shit. . .but I’m still kinda weirded out, especially Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette).  WTF?

Alrighty. . .gonna have me a little snack and watch I Survived laters.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Hallo Spaceboy.

PSS  This is my fav performance of this song. . .I mean, the man’s being back by 3 drummers!

PSSS  And at 4:12, that’s sexual harassment. . .

Friday, February 4, 2011

"standing in the way of control, live your life survive the only way that you know. . ."

Hey hey my adorable blog readers!

I am in a freakin’ uber awesome mood. . .been on Weight Watchers for 5 days and I’m already down 8 pounds!  Whoop whoop!  *doing the happy dance*  I know it’s probably all watery weight, but I don’t care, I am so freakin’ happy right now!  I was so scared that I wasn’t going to have lost a thing, I was even have crazy weigh in dreams, but it all worked out. . .and I bought me some Bowie.  Two of em!

Instead of rewarding myself for awesome things with food, it is now going to be music. . .can’t wait to see that grow and not me!  Not that my music collection isn’t massive already, this is definitely one thing that I won’t be sad about getting bigger. . .

Stayed for the meeting and there were definitely more people there than were last week. . .the place was practically full.  And it was pretty nice, I didn’t have much to say since it was my first official meeting, but boy there was this little old lady in the back that went off!  She has some anger issues with her Weight Watcher points, it was definitely an Oprah moment. . .but she seemed to feel better when she left so that’s all that matters. . .one sucky thing, my points went down which is what you want but 2 points adds up!  I’ll definitely live though. . .

Tiffers made some deelish meringues today, chocolate and vanilla.  The chocolate taste just like Coco Puffs and the vanilla are like a cookie minus the crunch and more melty.  The vanilla are my fav.

Oh yeah, and I get me a new wallet to match my Alice In Wonderland purse, the best Disney cartoon ever!  Other than The Lion King of course. . .that’s the first Disney cartoon I can vividly remember crying over.

Well, I actually think that’s about all I’ve got to say. . .for the moment. . .done now. . .

PS  This blog brought to you by The Gossip’s Standing In The Way of Control. . .

PSS  This is my fat girl mantra!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"monday, tuesday, wednesday, born I was thursday's child. . ."

Hey, hey my beautiful blog readers!

How ya’ll doing?  Me?  Well, this morning I could have better lets put it that way.  I had this yummy breakfast all planned out, that I made the night before, of turkey sausage and eggs on whole wheat toast with cheese and mustard.  Yum, right?  No.  Not yum at all.  Woke up this morning and my leg was being a douche as usual, so I’m up extra early not only because of my leg, but so I can eat breakfast before I go to work.  Make my coffee, open the fridge and just look at that red Tupperware containing said yumminess.  My stomach revolted.  It started grumbling and jumping and if it could have run away, I think it would.  It was so not having it this morning.  And after that, I just felt like I was going to be sick all day.  For awhile, I thought I was going to be sick in the car on the way to work.  Finally about noon it calmed down.  Luckily I’ve started keeping tiny snacks in my purse (I also forgot to bring my healthy lunch.  Damn you angry tummy for blowing most of my days meal plan!) so I had a little Weight Watcher snack cake with my Diet Rite.  I’ve also got granola bars in there, but this WW cake thingy was chocolate and oh so yum.

When I came home I had a Lean Cuisine spaghetti thing and it was pretty good actually.  I’m not a real big fan of Lean Cuisine, but I bought a couple of those and some Healthy Choice just for something different. . .tonight steak (properly portioned of course) zucchini with tomato and onion (it’s seriously awesome!) and a baked potato.  My tummy is a little rumbly right now, might have me a snack in a bit. . .

I bought me a journal notebook to use for a bit to track my points, we'll see how it works out.  It’s definitely better than that tiny WW 3 month one. . .if it doesn't work out, I’m going to get one from Barnes and Nobles, but I already bought this one and pretty-fied it.

Today in the mail I got a super awesome package from my friend Jamie full of. . .wait for it. . .New Kids On the Block goodies!  Check it out!

OMG!  There are so many goodies in there!  There's books, a song book and like a bazillion NKOTB pics!  Not to mention on the back of some of the poster there is Wilson Philips, Milli Vanill, Marky Mark, Paula Abdul, Vanilla Ice. . .so much awesomeness!  Going to get some frames and add them to my awesome wall of music.  There is a very cutesy one of Jordan in this little red vest that I particularly like. . .

Don’t be jealous that I have all this awesome NKOTB memorabilia. . .but if you are a tiny bit. . .good!  LOL

Ok, done for now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Thursday’s Child.

PSS  How dare you glare at David Bowie?!?  He’s David freakin’ Bowie!  He will destroy you with his mighty high kick!

PSSS  This is one of Bug’s fav Bowie songs. . .

PSSSS  I stubbed 3 of my toes on a stool and said a very long string of very naughty words very loudly that I am very sorry to have said. . .but it really did hurt like a (*^@(&!^#*&(&*#@HJH!&^&^#&#)!*^&)~!&%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"he can kick like a mule, it's a real mean team. . ."

Hey, hey my glorious groundhogs!

Today Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring. . .whoo-hoo!

But, apparently the question is, ‘Can we trust a groundhog who couldn't really care one way or another whether or not he sees his shadow?”  Well I am.  I am so done with winter this year.  Seriously.  Done.  Usually I LOVE winter, but this year it just started snowing way too early and just hasn’t stopped.  Plus, not to sound like a senior citizen, but the cold really does mess with your aches and pains and in my case, my back.  So winter, you can go off and fornicate yourself cuz I’m done with you!

Off today, but got a few things to do.  Grocery shopping (eating healthy is expensive!), hair store, laundry, cleaning and keeping track of my foody points is another chore as well.  Tiffers brought us all home WW food diaries last night and I don’t like it.  Gonna just go buy me a notebook to keep it in, with the WW I feel too cramped in it, it’s so tiny!

This morning I just went simple with Special K vanilla almond cereal and a banana.  Yum!  Also, this morning there was some sort of fowl smelling hazelnut coffee already in the coffee pot and it made me sad.  No coffee for me today.  No idea what I’m gonna do for lunch, I’m going to make the WW chicken alfredo tonight for din-din.  The recipe sounds even better than how we usually make it. . .I’ll let ya know how it turns out. . .

So, I’m beginning to believe I have an ebay problem again.  Not good.  Let me begin by explaining my previous ebay problem.  When I got my first job and discovered ebay, I was a Goo Goo Dolls memorabilia/CD/random stuffs/concert ticket buying fool.  Well, one day I had to put a stop to it, haven’t been on ebay in years. . .until this year.  I did all my Christmas shopping online this year cuz my back wouldn’t allow me to walk the stores and stand in line for long periods of time.  So I ebay-ed a couple things.  Then when me and Tiffers started Bugglette’s ,I began buying buttons and ribbon.  Now. . .well now it’s turned into Bowie!buying.  I’ve bought so much Bowie and I just can’t stop!  And if I don’t win this Strangers When We Meet single (Outside album version, Buddha of Suburbia version and a live version of The Man Who Sold The World,) I’m just gonna die!  

I literally CANNOT do anymore Bowie!buying on ebay until I have weighed in on Friday.  Otherwise my reward of a Bowie CD will be pointless. . .cuz right now it still counts, the others I bought before I made that promise to myself, not this single of course (I’m bad I know!), but the others are not deal breakers.  And technically this is a single, not an album so I’m still in the clear right?  Right?  RIGHT?!?!?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  You can’t judge me!

Well, I’ve gotta jump off here now and get a shower. . .I might be back laters to update my foodiness for the day. . .done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s All The Young Dudes.

PSS  One day, when I’m all skinnified, I’m gonna be able to do that high kick. . .to the face of my enemies!  Muhwahahahahahaha!!!!! 

UPDATE:  The WW chicken alfredo was awesome possum!  One mistake though, because I didn’t really know how to measure ounces, or have anything to measure ounces with, I made too much pasta and it was a little dry, but that just means left overs for tomorrow. . .bought bunches of yummy healthy foods today and a few new Healthy Choice meals I’ve never had before. . .gotta head back out to the kitchen and make my breakfast for in the morning.  I bought some turkey sausage today, never had that before either.  I have had ground turkey and thought it was absolute rubbish!  Yuck, yuck, yuck.  I personally just don’t like turkey anyway.  When I was little my dad used to buy it all the time and put it in Hamburger Helper (which we ate every night my mom had to work with corn and canned biscuits) and it was just nasty.  A few people have told me you just gotta season it right so I thought if I bought sausage with the sausage seasoning maybe I can stomach it.  Mix it with some egg whites and cheese, put it on these whole wheat bread thingys we got and it sounds pretty deelish in my mind. . .

I’ve still got 14 points left.  Might have me a little snack before I head to bed.  Still have quite a few things to do before I can go to bed.

Check out my little Bug watching her David Bowie.  She made a cozy little nook in my bedroom (which I’ve got to pick up) in front of the TV and watched Bowie until she literally could not keep her eyes open.  I finally had to tell her to go to bed, we can finish watching it tomorrow.

Well, I think that’s it for the day.  See ya tomorrow!

PSSS  I won the David Bowie CD, now I don't have to die!