Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"when the kids had killed the man i had to break up the band!"

Hey, hey!

How ya’ll doing tonight?!?  Well, the snow has melted today, but I think they are talking about more.  As the Alan Rickman as The Metatron would say “It never ends!”

Don’t believe me?  2:25.  And there’s lots of cussing so beware.

I did horrible on Weight Watchers yesterday.  Horrible.  And for once it wasn’t because I ate too much, I didn’t eat enough, still had like 30 points when I went to bed. . .and I wasn’t hungry, well kinda, but more tired than anything.  We did a lot of running around yesterday and I didn’t eat until after 4 then I was being all crafty like and my tummy didn’t even rumble until 9.  Today is better, I’ve still got 23 points though. . .well now 16.5.  I suddenly had a sweet tooth and made the most awesome fake donut ever.  Half a whole wheat bagel, 1 tablespoon nutella and 2 tablespoons marshmallow cream; 6.5 points.  Hit the spot and now I’m uber full!

*dance break*  Sorry, had to rock a minute to Ziggy Stardust and it apparently annoyed the hell outta Tiffers.  Oops. 

Off tomorrow.  Got lots of bows planned and I’ve got to color my hair again, but first I’ve got to buy color.  *sigh*  Red hair is so much up keep!  But totally worth it. . .I am so totally hyper right now and I don’t know why, could it be the nutella?  Possibly.  But at the moment I’m rockin’ out Cee Lo’s Fuck You and it just puts me in the greatest of moods.  There’s a whole list of people I’d love to say this to, but just playing the song on full blast helps because I’m the type of person, if I ever did tell you that, while I totally meant it I’d probably regret it later.  What can I say?  It’s called a conscious.

Looky what’s in my new Rolling Stone!

I downloaded her new single tonight and I still kinda have mixed emotions about.  I need to give it a few more listens before forming an honest opinion.  The closest they are coming to me though is Illinois and I looked up tickets and they are like $160+ for floor seats and they gave me the very last section all the way in the back in the corner. . .*sigh*  

Well I think that’s about all for the day. . .til tomorrow. . .done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.

PSS  This is as far back into the 70’s Bowie era I dare to go. . .he was scary!  lol

PSSS  Is it Hammer time?

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