Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"and the sound of tomorrow, like a black hearted vile thing. . ."

Hey hey my lovely blog readers!

How ya’ll doing?!?!

Random thought on my brain:  The mom in Raising Hope (which is freakin’ hilarious) played in The Goonies.  Who’d have thunk it?

Today started out super crappy.  Had to get up early and go to a hair class (which was super AWESOME; we learned all about the Sexy product line, a new way to cut hair, an up do and got a goody bag.  Yays!) and the chair I had to sit in for 2 hours was absolute torture on my back.  Then me and my friend went to Cracker Barrel to eat and those chair were worse if that is at all possible!  I was so miserable!  But I took some meds and felt a little better, tolerable anyway and managed to make it to the hair store to get color for my hair and hobbled my way through the craft store long enough to get some pink buttons and ribbon.

And I am so proud of myself when I went to Cracker Barrel because I looked up all the nutrition information the night before and while I didn’t get the oat meal as planned, I just wasn’t in the mood for it, I got a small breakfast of potatoes and steak biscuit.  12 points.  And it was deelish and I didn’t feel guilty afterwards.

Last night's dinner was pretty yum too.  It seems since we’ve been dieting our food horizon has broadened and we’re not eating the same ‘ol things.  Mainly because we can’t eat it.  Cuz they be bad.  We had steak fajitas and refried beans.

One thing that did make me uber happy today. . .I got Bowie in the mail!

That is a 45 I believe.  And yes, I do have the thingy to play it on, it just needs a needle.  So yeah.

I also got the Live Aid DVD from Netflix, but when I read the Netflix description, it said ‘highlights of performances.’  I didn’t think it meant a whole DVD of like 45 second clips of the performances.  Poor Bug was so disappointed.  She said she was sad and wanted to throw it out the window.  Guess I’m gonna be adding the 4 disc one to my queue. . .

Well, my back is killer right now.  Think I’m going to make it an early night.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s You’ve Been Around, a left over song from Tin Machine.

PSS  Gotta love his suhweet dance moves. . .PSYCH!  Like how I did that?  That was pretty cool, huh?

PSSS  There is also a duet version that he sings with Sirius Black from Harry Potter ie. Gary Oldman.  And yes I know he’s not just Sirius, he’s also the cool Dracula and the awesome villain in The Fifth Element, my personal fav, but that’s what he’s most known for right now. . .and that version is much more rock and I enjoy it immensely. . .and Gary Oldman has some singing chops too. . .

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