Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"she'll turn the radio high, find a station playing sad sad soul, just a little bit louder now. . ."

In the words of Fat Albert, “hey, hey, hey!”

How goes it everybody?!

So far so good. . .woke up to some craziness this morning.  The first time I woke up was around 5ish and my back was hurting so bad that just blinking was making me she shake.  Went back to sleep a few more times and finally I had to get something to drink so I could take some meds.  Then after I did that, I had this crazy, crazy dream.  I know right?  Mandy?  Having a crazy dream?  Impossible!  But yes it happened! 

I dreamed I had this huge bedroom, but I’d never noticed it was so huge before and people had been cramming their stuff in there.  So I’m like, “Oh, this has got to go.  I’m going to rearrange.”  Then I’m rearranging furniture, throwing out everyone’s random stuffs into the hallway and then it’s time to tackle my closet.  I begin taking things out and I notice that there is a black toy snake wrapped around one of the clothes hangers.  Most of us should know my feelings on snakes.  I HATE them.  Enough said.  My mom comes in and is getting it off the hanger when suddenly it moves and lunges at me and at that instant my alarm goes off which is, “She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean. . .”  (Yes, my alarm is set to You Shook Me All Night Long because it is one of the loudest ringtones on my phone.  It used to be the guitar riff to Sweet Child ‘O Mine, but now I hate that song because it has interrupted my sleep for months!)  Anyway, that literally scared the crap outta me and jerk up screaming and because I screamed I freaked out even more and Craig comes in there barking like he’s about to take control if the situation.  Whatevs. . .good thing no one else was home or I’d possibly never live this down.

Last night I made some chicken salad.  Usually I loves the chicken salad.  (Can ya see this is already going to be a sad whiny story?)  But I this night, I made it healthy.  I used my usual chicken breast, grapes, pineapple and celery seed, but I measured out the walnuts and that nasty low cal, low fat, no taste mayonnaise.  When it was all done, it still smelled like it usually did so that was good, but I decided to give the Butt!Bread one more chance.  Someone told me that when you offer a child food, it takes 3 tries before they can make a decision on it.  So, I am sometimes still child like so I apply this logic to myself and my enthusiasm to conquer this double fiber wheat Butt!Bread.  I measure out my half cup of chicken salad, put it on my Butt!Bread and take it to my room.  The chicken salad was ok (the mayo sucks, but I’ll live) but that bread, oh that horrible, horrible Butt!Bread ruined it!

I mean look at that, it’s practically oozing fiber!  You can see the bits in it!  And when you first take a bite of it, it’s all soft and airy, but once that air is gone, it’s like chewing on a tree trunk.  But I forced it down just so as not to waste it, but no more Butt!Bread for me.  I gave it my child like 3 tries and that’s it!

Oh my gosh. . .and just give me my moment to whine (again). . .*moment begins*but my back hurts like 20 times more than it has in awhile!  Geez!  And I really don’t wanna take anymore meds but I haven’t found one spot that’s comfortable since I’ve been home!  And all I wanna do is lay down in my bed and sleep, but that ain’t happening!*moment ends*

*takes a deep breath*

Time for Bowie.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s She’ll Drive the Big Car. . .

PSS  Love his intense harmonica stare at 2:47.  lol

PSSS  Thank you for letting me whine. . .twice.  

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