Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"now i'm leaking life faster than i'm leaking blood. . ."

Hey there my lovelies!

How ya’ll doing today?

I’m actually feeling a little awesome.  I was away from work for 4 days.  Three I was off, one I called in cuz I thought I was gonna die, but that’s in a previous blog.  Anyway, I really missed my hair peeps!  I was so glad to go into work today!  My doctor told me on my last visit, with my back being as crappy as it is, I should really consider another profession, but I can honestly say I can’t imagine doing anything else.  So yeah.  Guess I’m just gonna have to suck it up.

Remember a couple of blogs ago I explained my absolute love got Taco Bell’s fiesta potatoes?  And I went to Taco Bell one day and there was an entire family eating them and I had to leave for fear I would attack them for their potatoes?  I’d take out the Grandma first, she seemed the least likely to put up a fight and then I’d hobble away as quickly as my back would let me.  Remember?  No?  Well I’ve pretty much told you the short version of the story so now you’re caught up. 

Now here’s the Rose Nylund version of my new fiesta potato story:  When I got off work today we had to take Bug to Fazzoli’s to get her some alfredo.  It smelled so delicious in the car and I didn’t have lunch so I decided on a couple of tacos from Taco Bell, 4 points a piece.  Get me the tacos, a diet coke and when we get to the window for her to give us the food she says, “There’s a potato in your bag because we accidently made extra.”  Wha?  What?  A free fiesta potato?  That I’m not supposed to eat?  Oh the irony of it all!!!!!  I even said out loud, “man I want a fiesta potato, but I really don’t need it.”  And it was like the powers of the universe answered back, “yes, you need this fiesta potato!  Go forth and eat it!”  So yeah, anyway, they are 7 points.  That’s an entire Smart Ones, Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine meal.  And I ate it.  And just one taco.  That’s an 11 point lunch and lunch should be around 12 so it’s all good.  Quite literally.  Those were the best fiesta potatoes ever!  And they were so hot and fresh.  Yeah.  My fiesta potato monster has been satisfied for awhile.  lol

Yeah.  That’s the end of my blog now.  Enjoy some David Gray.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you David Gray’s The One I Love.

PSS  This is my all time fav DG song and one day it will be a tattoo. . .

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