Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a Grandpa chair blog. . .

Hello my lovelies!

Two blogs in one day, but just wanted to share this little story with ya.

Crazy story that is, that happened last week.  And if you’re superstitious like me, you’ll really enjoy this. 
When my Grandpa passed away my Granny gave me his chair, ie the chair he sat in to watch TV.  It’s this really awesome high back, winged chair with wooden feet.  We now call it The Grandpa Chair and for this blog sake, TGC.

The Grandpa Chair/my bed.

When my back first started going all wonky and I couldn’t sleep in my bed, it was the only thing I could sleep in for any extended period of time comfortably.  Well, it’s definitely worn and in need of repair, he got it second hand anyway.  When I came home from my doctor’s appointment last week and sat in one of the chairs in the living room it was so comfy and squishy, much more so than TGC which I have broken in even more;  I’ve got pillows stuffed underneath the cushion to make it more fluffy.  I was so owy from being out all day, that chair was just like heaven, I could sleep in it. 

Even Craig finds it comfy.

Which gave me an idea.  As much as it pained me to do so, I asked my mom if I could put that chair in my room and she could take TGC.  She agreed saying it was in better condition that the TGC and might be easier on mu back.  This is where the story get’s wild. . .

I helped mom as much as I could in trying to maneuver it out.  It wasn’t working, but it should because we got it in there right?  That’s what one would think.  We finally got it around the entertainment center and my dresser when it absolutely refused to go through the door.  Flat out refused.  My mom even made the comment, “maybe it’s not meant to be.”  I mean, if the chair had hands and feet and a mouth, it would be hanging onto that door frame and screaming, “don’t make me go!”  But I needed that other chair, it was in my mind and it wasn’t gonna go away.  So we took the door off. 

After about 45 minutes we finally got it out.  Now it’s time to get the other chair in.  Fast forward another 45 minutes and it’s finally in my room.  I throw my afghan over it, my red blanket on the back and my trusty Harry Potter pillow made lovingly for me by my friend Sara’s grandmother.  It was a little big and took up more room than TGC, but it was oh so soft.

The rest of the day I spend sitting in it on and off watching TV, crafting and it was fine.  Come bedtime, I could have cried.  In fact I did cry.  A few times.  That chair was so UNCOMFORTABLE!  My back hurt 5 times more than usual, my leg was throbbing and because the back of the chair had a curvature to it, I didn’t really have a place to lay my head so my neck and my head were stiff and sore come morning.  I remember waking up and one time, (I woke up about every 30 – 45 minutes all night long and finally gave up about 6 am and watched Ella Enchanted on The Family Channel.  Had never seen it before, it was OK.  Had Hugh Dancy in it and that was about the best part.  lol) and said outloud, “I want my Grandpa chair.”

Later when I heard movement outside that other people were up I told my mom, “I’m sorry, but I need my other chair back.  Like now.”  She wasn’t too happy with me at that moment but here’s the freaky part.  We got the door down in like 5 minutes.  The other chair went out in like 2 and TGC made it back through the door in one.  How freaky is that?  That chair is meant to be in my room.

And I really don’t find this odd at all because other weird things have happened since my Grandpa’s passing that just make sense and make me glad to know that they never really leave.

fun times in TGC.

me, Tiffers and Grandpa.  

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