Friday, March 4, 2011

"'i'm never coming back!' they heard him cry and i believe him. . ."

Hey hey my lovelies!

How ya’ll doing?

Me?  Are ya ready for this?  This has been the worst day ever!  Went in for my weigh in and I’ve gained 4 pounds!  WTF?!?  In a week?!?!  And I’ll tell ya what it is, it’s because I’m retaining water again in my feet.  I could show you a pic to prove it, but my feet look like the marshmallow man’s right now and it’s not pretty cuz they’re kinda purple and red.  Then when me and my mom get to the meeting everyone is like, “oh you’re missing one.”  Yup, Tiffers.  Now I be extra sad cuz not only I am 4 pounds fatter again, I miss my sister.  *whine!*

After we sit there awhile, I decide to make an emergency trip to my doctor.  Yes, I’m bad I know for skipping out on the WW meeting, but this is serious here.  I’m not going to lose 13 pounds only to start gaining it back in feet water.  Have I mentioned how owy I was this morning?  Well I was.  So we drive the like 30 minutes from the WW meeting to my doctor, get there and there is no flabatomist.  It’s a Friday and they have a very large sign that says ‘no labs on Wednesdays’ not ‘no labs on Fridays.’  So now I have to go back Monday.  *sigh*

What else?  We’re having a poker party on Saturday, go to the Wal-Mart in Radcliff and they are out of practically everything I need.  Seriously?  Can today get any worse?  Yes, it can.  Guess what still didn’t come in the mail today?  If you guessed my David Bowie DVD’s then you’d be right.  And to top it all off Phil Collins is quitting the music business!  Wwwwwhhhhhaaaaaa!!!!!!

Ok.  Enough.

I did get this in the mail a few days ago.

Tin Machine is a band Bowie formed after all his poppy 80’sness.  Apparently they weren’t too horrible and the thing most critics complained about was Bowie’s beard.  Lame.  I personally don’t like the album.  I’ve only half listened to it though. . .maybe I need to give it another chance.

Well, I guess I’m done ranting and whining for today.  Gonna go make some hair bows. . .

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by one of my fav Phil Collins’ solo songs, Don’t Lose My Number.

PSS  Wonder if Billy lost his number?

PSSS  check out my friend Amber’s blog to see Bugglette’s (mine and Tiffers etsy shop) as her Feature Friday.  You might find a coupon surprise in there!

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