Sunday, March 6, 2011

"it's in the white of my eyes. . ."

Hello, hello my lovelies!

How goes it on this cold, dreary Sunday?  Well, in KY anyway. . .

Had lots of fun with my bff buddy Heather last night player poker. . .oh the stories I could tell you (Heather was sexually harassed, twice, I threw up from my skanky cooking, frosting fruit dip worth 480 WW points, apparently me and Heather win at poker more when we intentionally try to lose, Marcus the gossiper, and we had an acoustic guitar duel with sadly no winner)  but I better not. . .for legal reasons.  Let’s just say you should never drink from the green bottle.

And apparently I drunk Bowie-ed Tiffers last night.  I don’t apologize.  Drunk!Bowie-ing is the new drunk dialing.  Remember that.  It’s what all the cool kids are doing. . .I would show you a pic of what I sent her, but I don’t have one of those little cord thingys so I can get the pic off my phone. . .sorry.

Onto other things. . .today has totally sucked for me.  Didn’t sleep worth a dookie, back is killing me, I’m running out of meds, have to have blood drawn AND go to the doctor.  The latter two being the worst.  I freakin’ hate the doctor.  HATE.  Not the doctor personally, although there is one in Louisville who is on my shit list, I just hate going.  Period.  And they want me precious blood!  I need that!

More other things. . .I FINALLY got my Bowie DVD from Argentina!

And it was totally worth the wait!  As soon as I got home Saturday me and the Bug immediately had to watch Strangers When We Meet and she absolutely had to see Jump They Say, Underground and As The World Falls Down.

And doesn’t Strangers When We Meet look totally awesome on my new big tv?!?!?!

Plus I got my Bowie Storytellers CD/DVD.  Watching it now and he’s hilarious. . .then again, I already knew this.  Just wanted you to know. . .so watch some interviews. . .

“Or was I watching The Travel Channel??”  You’d just have to see it. . .

Back to the subject of doctor:  Oh I don’t wanna go to the doctor. . .*sigh*  But I need to. . .my back is fucking with my weight loss and I’m about to put my swollen, juicy foot in it’s ass!  Which technically means I’d be putting my own foot in my own ass since it’s my back. . .so scratch that.  I’m just gonna remedy the situation.  That sound better and less creepy?


And remember me telling you in my last blog that I had gained 4 pounds in a week at my last weigh in and I was retaining water in my feet?  Well this is apparently what 2 pounds of water in a foot looks like. . .just guessing.  This foot is a little fatter than the other one. . .

Well I’m off now. . .got some Bugglette’s business to conduct and some product pictures to take.  Maybe.  Meds are beginning to wear off. . .may just sit in front of the tv and watch some Bowie. . .

Done now. . .  :)

PS This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s China Girl, Storytellers version. . .

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