Thursday, July 29, 2010

hold on dream away, you're my sweet charade. . .

Hey, hey!

This could very well become a dream journal because I’ve got another one to tell ya about. . .I don’t know what’s up with all the crazy dreams lately because usually I don’t remember them unless they are super creepy or super crazy. . .or involve the Goo Goo Dolls. . .which this one does. So your welcome my Goo Goo Dolls peeps.

This dream begins in a hotel bar and the Goo’s were playing on this tiny stage. By the time their set is over, the tiny bar has turned into a small venue and while I’m trying to pack up my stuff, cuz I’ve got a lot it for some reason, John Rzeznik taps me on my shoulder from the stage and says, “thanks for coming.” So I’m like, “ok, you’re welcome.” Weird! When I leave the venue I find myself standing in a crazy long line to get on the elevator to go to my room. Remember, the venue was inside the hotel. So I’m standing behind this guy in a black baseball cap with my purse and this super huge bag full of stuff and he turns around and guess who it is. . .waiting, I’ll give you time. That’s right, John Rzeznik! Gold star for you! (it’s in the mail, I promise.)

He starts telling me that all the lines are like this for all the elevators on this floor. I thank him and begin to think of my awesome luck that Goo is staying at the same hotel as me. Usually I stay at crappy motels with jiggly door locks in a non smoking room that smell like smoke. So we’ve been standing at the end of this line for a long time and John has this blanket that he puts on the floor and says I can sit with him and then Robby and Mike show up with martinis. I begin telling them about this Whitesnake concert I’d been to, which I’ve never seen Whitesnake in my life, and tell them how the lead singer fell and hurt his crotch and had to stop the show.

The line is moving now and Goo is gone off to their room but not before thanking me for keeping them company. Well instead of getting on an elevator I end up in the hotel office and they are telling me that my room is gone. That they never booked me a room. They don’t have me on file anywhere. And my first thought is, “Well then where is my stuff? I got ready in a room. I took a shower in a room. My Big and Sexy hairspray is in a room somewhere!” So I start crying cuz I’m there all by myself and the lady is being mean to me and then someone taps my shoulder and it’s this woman and she hands me an autographed picture of the Goo Goo Dolls and tells me not to worry that Goo has taken care of everything. So now I’m crying harder cuz how awesome is that?! And on the back of the poster there is this really long letter written to me, but it is written in such a tiny script that I can’t read it! So of course when I’m finally beginning to decipher the letter, that’s when my alarm goes off. . .*sigh*

Other things of interest. . .it’s back to school beginning this weekend for the shop so I am going to be crazy busy working and only have one day off. Suck-age! That is, only until I get my paycheck which suck-age then turns into rock-age! Wahoo!!! Also considering getting a tattoo this Friday. We’ll see how things work out. . .gotta take my Bug school shopping that day. She’s going to be in the first grade, when did my baby get so big?!?!

Ok. Done now. . .

PS This blog is brought to you by Hate This Place by the Goo Goo Dolls.

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