Monday, October 11, 2010

scrawl these words upon your wall, remind you to believe. . .

Indianapolis, IN
The Murat
October 7th, 2010

Hey there my lovely blog readers!

Gonna warn you in advance, I’ve used a lot of exclamation points in this review. . .

The day began with Bug (my 6 year old little sister) asking non stop if it was time to leave. . .finally it was. She was equipped with her new t-shirt dress that my other sister Tiff had made for her, hew new rock hair bow I had made for her and some Golden Girls dvd’s for the 3ish hour car ride ahead of us. Me, Bug, my mom and my bestie Steph loaded up all our food for the USA Harvest and took off about 3. . .we got there a little after 5 and it took us forever to find the USA Harvest table! Had to ask about 8 people before someone finally knew and all the girls there were super nice and helped us haul all that stuff in! You gals were amazing! Thank you so much for all that you do and for talking to the Bug cuz she was crazy nervous!

And we won! I really, really had my fingers crossed for this one because it was Bug’s first show and I really wanted her to get the VIP treatment and she did! She got a little antsy and whiney while we were waiting for the meet and greet, but by the time we were lined up down in the basement she was so nervous she forgot about being whiney! Security Mike gave her one of the little cards to find your picture online and he was like, “You don’t need one of these, you’ve done this before!” I wish I was able to take a picture of her face when the guys came first came out, priceless! Right before our turn, Robby pointed at her and was smiling and she got a little shy and hid behind me. . .when it got to be our turn Robby said to me, “Hi again!” (it’s nice to be remembered) and John got down on his knee and said to Bug, “You are so cute! I love your t-shirt! What’s your name?” And she mumbles really quiet twice and I finally had to say “Rhiannon,” and he said, “That’s so pretty!” Then we took the picture and John asked her for a hug and he gave her the biggest, tightest hug! It made my heart melt! Then I shook John and Mike’s hand and we were off. . .oh, one more thing. I didn’t know what to do with the USA Harvest poster and one of the girls, sorry I can’t remember your name, said we could keep it. Well of course Bug thought that was the greatest thing ever and it’s on her wall now. She also asked if she could have the meet and greet bracelet, greedy little thing, but I’m going to frame it all for her so she can put it on her wall as well. . .

On the way to bathroom, Bug apparently was about to explode, we ran into my friend/fellow cosmetologist Robin and her husband and finally got a pic together! Bug said later, “You guys really like to talk about hair, huh?” LOL Thanks for the ear plugs, too! She only used the one pair, but asked for the other pair later because, “he brought ‘em for me.” After I took Bug to the bathroom, she needed something to drink, go figure. So I got her a Sprite and we stayed out in the lobby until the opening act was over. There was no way I was going to try to take Bug, my purse, a poster and drink and find my seat in the dark without there being a casualty.

The plan was for me to keep Bug with me until midway through the show, which to me was after they sang Home, then my mom was going to come and get her and her and Steph would switch seats. I explained to her when the lights go out, we had to stand up and she had to stand in the seat so she could see. Well let me tell ya, when those lights went out, that baby was standing in her seat before I got out of mine! She had her hand up in the air going, “oh, oh, oh, oh livin’ the sweetest lie!” It was so freakin’ cute! She whoo-ed when I did, then did on her own and a few times she wanted down on the floor so she could dance. But when Black Balloon came on she had to get back in the chair to see that one, her and my mom rock out to that one in the car, and she got so happy when she saw a few black balloons up in the air. After Black Balloon was Home and she didn’t sing, she screamed every word of that song out, I was so proud of her! After that, her and Steph switched seats. I asked mom after the show how she did after she left me and she said she rocked/danced the entire time. She had her hand up in the air with the rock sign and was whoo-ing, I couldn’t be more proud of her than if she was my own, which let’s face it, she kinda is. J

The show was amazing! I could tell right from the start at the meet and greet that it was going to be a wonderful show because all the guys were in awesome moods. John did a lot of talking and interacting with the crowd. My highlight of the night was Something For The Rest of Us. Kick ass live. Amazing. I was really hoping for One Night, but they did Can’t Let It go instead and no All Eyes On Me, but the rest of the setlist was the same.

Amazing show to close out the last of my shows for me and I’m so glad that I could share it with my Bug. Goo was my first rock concert and now it was hers.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks! And I’m sorry for all the exclamation points. . .

PS This blog brought to you by Notbroken by The Goo Goo Dolls. . .


  1. Aww Mandy, you made Goo my First Concert too :)