Monday, January 31, 2011

"i'm standing in the wind, but i never wave bye-bye, but i try. . ."

Hello my gorgeous giraffes!

How ya’ll doing this cold, gloomy day?  Well, in Kentucky anyway.  This weekend was beautiful. . .we had the curtains drawn back, blinds pulled up, even a couple windows open. . .loved it!  Today it’s over cast and gray and cold. . .*sigh*

Well, today started the first official day of the Weight Watchers diet and I gotta tell ya, I’m not starving. . .at all.  In fact, I’m pretty damn full.  This weekend I ‘kind of’ tracked my points.  We joined Friday and decided to finish out the weekend and start on Monday (today) and while I did awesome Saturday, Sunday I blew it.  Saturday when I went to bed, I still had 5.5 points left, if I was counting Sunday, I probably wouldn’t have had any points to eat today! 

Sunday started out bad from start to finish.  I had hair to do and I had to get up early and run out and get some supplies.  While I meant to get up early and eat breakfast, I didn’t.  So while out at K-Mart  I thought, “I can grab some cheese sticks and eat one with my ziti Smart Ones.”  Got a small one, and my friend Heather bought breadsticks, from The Little Ceasars in K-Mart.  Get home, running late of course, trying to get all my supplies together, throw my meal in the microwave and get started on my color.  Heather and I decided to just let the kids have the cheese sticks since they were so small and we’d have the bread sticks.  Well, I steal a cheese stick cuz I’m super starving and because I walked by the table they were sitting on.  *sigh*  About an hour later I eat my meal, it’s cold, and one bread stick and another cheese stick.  Later that night we have chinese food and Tiffers and Chris brought home “this is the last time we can eat one of you in ever’ glazed, chocolate donuts.  Yum!  By the time I went to bed last night, I was so freakin’ full I thought I was gonna be sick.  It was awful.

The worst thing I’ve had today is this mega huge cup of coffee. . .

One cup of coffee with Splenda and 1 teaspoon of creamer is 0 points.  That is probably about 2 cups of coffee with 3 tiny packets of Splenda and about 3 teaspoons of creamer.  I’m gonna guesstimate that it’s more than 0, maybe 2 points.  This morning I was running late so I grabbed some coffee (which I didn’t even get to drink half of) a banana, a granola bar and this WW cake thingy; all together 4 points.  Ate the cake thingy in the car, half the banana at work and the granola bar is still in my purse (we were pretty darn busy!); I ate 2 points.  For lunch I had Progresso light chicken noodle soup, 6 saltine crackers and a 100 calorie package of sour cream Pringles; 9 points. 

Now that I’ve started counting this stuff, when I think about what I had been putting in my body it makes my belly hurt, literally.  We were eating AWFUL.   Today, I feel wonderful.  Yes, wonderful because I’m making a very important lifestyle change, but also because I got my Stigmata soundtrack in the mail today!  Whoo-hoo!!!

It’s got David Bowie’s The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell special Stigmata mix.  It kicks hella ass.  Since then I’ve bought this special edition, Japanese import of Hours that has a bonus cd, all together 27 tracks and guess what, it’s got 3 mixes of The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell. . .oh well, can’t ever have too much Bowie.  I bought this one before I made the promise to myself if I lose weight in my first week of WW I would buy me a Bowie CD, which I still totally plan on doing, so I didn’t reward myself early.

Well. . .think I'm done now. . .  :)

PS  The blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Modern Love. . .I’ve had this song in my head ALL DAY!

PSS  He does the ‘drunk uncle’ at 3:11.

PSSS  It kinda freaks me out that his hair is the same color as his suit.

PSSSS  Tiffers is gonna make me a food blog!  


  1. let's clarify the donut situation:

    tiffers: do you need anything from walmart?
    mom (on the phone): a donut.
    tiffers: just one donut?
    mom: two donuts.
    tiffers: would it be easier to just get a box?
    mom: yes.
    tiffers: okay.
    mom: a small box.