Friday, January 28, 2011

"love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves. . ."

Hey, hey my blog readers!

Big news today. . .I joined Weight Watchers and am uber excited about it!  Me, my mom and Tiffers all joined together so we’ve got a great support system already. . .all this PointsPlus stuff is a bit overwhelming at first, but once I’ve read all the literature that comes with it, I so got this!  The biggest problem I think I’ll have at the moment is exercise.  I’m very limited on what I can do at the moment because of my crappy back so it looks like it’s only going to be the treadmill for awhile. . .

I’ve already decided too, that I am going to buy an uber cool food journal and an uber cool pen only to be used in my food journal.  I read somewhere this helps because it keeps you interested and your attention. . .I mean, what girly girl doesn’t enjoy pretty stationary and pens!  And Tiffers and I have already jazzed up our little calculator thing with Hello Kitty stickers.  We might even bedazzle it!  LOL

My goal is very small at the moment.  Just make it through the first week, abiding by my target, and if I lose anything, I’m talking a pound here, I’m gonna be ecstatic!  And as my reward, I’m gonna march my chubby self across the mall, into FYE and I’m buying me some Bowie.   So far I’ve just been getting music off itunes and watching on it youtube, but I’m old school, I like CD’s and albums. . .sounds pretty awesome to me. . .and this is what I really want:

And Sara and Summer are supporting me all the way from Washington!  {{{hugs from Kentucky!}}}

So yeah. . .be prepared to hear me talking/whining/screaming/completely over joyed about food.

Randomness that happened earlier.  I had a cup of coffee that got cold.  I put in the microwave for a bit then forget about it.  Heat it back up again and head back to my bedroom to read through my WW books. . .I’ve been out ALL day and my leg is VERY owy so I grab a trusty vicodin, break it in half, pop it in my mouth and grab my cup of coffee to wash it down with. . .only my coffee is hot like the bowels of hell!  It’s liquid hot magma (said in the Dr. Evil voice) on my tongue and I spit the coffee and my vicodin back into my cup.  Now, I don’t have insurance, I pay for all my prescriptions out of pocket, just had it refilled today, there was no way I was wasting that thing.  So I let my coffee cool down and I drank it. . .tasted like pure sin at the bottom, but I wasn’t dumping that down the sink!

Done now. . .

PS  this blog brought to you by David Bowie/Queen’s Under Pressure with Gail Ann Dorsey.  She tears it up!  And Bowie and his one dance, 1:29, cracks me up. . .I love it!

PSS after talking with Tiffers, I think we’ve decided that we’ll just get the food diary thingy through weight watchers and go old school:  put a collage of awesome things on it then cover it in clear tape.   :D  still getting an uber cool pen though. . .

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