Friday, January 21, 2011

"i'm resentful for we're strangers when we meet. . ."

Hello my lovelies!

I’m so bored tonight. . .I’ve made like 20 hair bows and I am so tired of ribbon.  Also been watching season 2 of Fringe and am slowly catching up.  Yes, yes I know that once upon a time I said Fringe was just an X-Files rip off and while they are similar, they are not the same.  (I loved how they snuck a clip of the X-Files episode Dreamland into the first episode of season 2.)  It is similar enough however, that once I gave it a real chance (I did attempt to watch a few episodes when it premiered) I actually like it.  I’m on disc 2 of season 2 and watched the new episode tonight and even though there were some spots I’m totally confused about, I followed along pretty good.  Yay for me!

I was off today. . .hence my bored-ness.  I love having days off, but rarely ever have anything planned for them anymore.  And it’s snowy and cold outside anyway. . .which is why I’ve been so crafty lately.  Bows, bracelets, buttons, writing.  It’s kept my time occupied pretty well and doesn’t strain my back too bad.


Enough of this small talk already, the real reason I’m back is to talk about David Bowie some more since my last blog was so long I didn’t want to bore you. . .

Here’s a little insight into our home being taken over by Bowie. . .dad plays school with Bug all the time.  Normally it consists of him reading the newspaper and her babbling on about numbers and folders and how there is always one bad student in the class, Craig, our dog.  Dad usually doesn’t have to say much, just nod his head and answer a question every once in a while.  Well today it was school of Bowie.  Bug’s got the CD player on with her Bowie mix CD and she’s shuffling through it and dad has to “name that Bowie song!” or in some cases give the next lyric.  He’s failing.

Also apparently I’m getting on people’s nerves with Strangers When We Meet, but I seriously cannot help it.  It’s my special Bowie!crack, I need it.  I’ve been trying not to listen to it so much on iTunes because the count is really getting up there, we’re talking like 80 times here.  That doesn’t count the 30 times I’ve watched the video and the bazillion times I’ve listened to it on my ipod and in the car.  I literally have the video open in a tab on my computer at all times this way every time I walk by it, I can watch it.  And yes, I did stay up until 3 am last night making screen caps of the video, but I was gonna be up until 3 anyway so there!  You can’t judge me!

I’m resentful for we’re strangers when we meet. . .

Yes I know he has a massive catalogue of music out there, but my personal fav Bowie is 90’s Bowie on.  He’s got those lovely 80’s albums too, but I just can’t seem to get into 70’s Bowie. . .at all.  And I’ve tried, oh how I’ve tried, but some of that stuff is just way out there. . .I am getting Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars: The Motion Picture and I will watch it in it’s entirety and make my final decision on 70’s Bowie soon. 

I’ve watched 2 of his older movies recently, The Hunger and The Man Who Fell to Earth.  I watched The Hunger first and it made me sad that Bowie was only in like what, the first 30ish minutes.  He plays a super posh vampire. . .

. . .but something strange happens and he begins to age.  Very rapidly.  We’re talking wrinkles, liver spots, hair loss to corpse in 10 minutes. 

So not believable.    First of all Bowie hasn’t aged since he turned 45, he has an impeccably lush thick head of hair that will never leave him and these vampires didn’t sparkle at all.  At all.  Not even a shine.  We all know that vampires sparkle.  Jeez. . .

Now, The Man Who Fell To Earth.  Seriously, what the fuck was that?!  Other than the fact that David Bowie was pretty in that movie I didn’t get anything.  Well I mean I got the most basic plot (if basic is ‘David Bowie is an alien sent to Earth to sell bunches of rings to pawn shops to make money to pay a lawyer to get patents on their planets advanced technology that he’s written down on tracing paper so he can make more money to build a mega spaceship that will send him back to his home planet with water from Earth because they are in a drought’ basic then yeah, I got that), then I went to the Wikipedia and it explained the rest, but what. . .the. . .fuck?  That movie seriously creeped me out.  First of all, I never need to see Rip Torn in the buff again.  Not that it was on my list of things to see before I die, but now that I have, once was most definitely enough.  There was so much 70’s nakedness. . .so. . . much. . .70’s. . . nakedness.  But Bowie looked absolutely gorgeous.  Great hair, expensive looking sunglasses, very soft spoken, well manicured nails. . .he looked other worldly so it was easy to believe he was an alien. 

But then when he took his disguise off. . .wha?  What? 

I also never need to see that again.  No butt crack.  Think about that for awhile.  And they did all these tests on him and just let him go?  He’s a freakin’ alien from another planet!  The government wouldn’t just let him go!  But as Tiffers said, “Maybe they were just done with him.”  *sigh*  Leave it to her to be right in one sentence when I defended my argument with a monologue!  Then when it showed the aliens getting it on covered in this oatmeal looking stuff, I almost had to turn it off.  But I stuck it out.  So the government lets him go, lets him keep all these billions of dollars and he decides to make an album so that someday his family on the other planet can hear it on the radio.  But they be dead cuz you didn’t send ‘em no water you selfish, drunken sex/tv addict!  But he looked very sad and ashamed and adorably broken at the end so I forgave him.

Although if you've ever wondered what David Bowie looks like without clothes, this is the one you need to watch cuz it's all there for your viewing pleasure.

Started watching the second season of The Hunger that Bowie hosted, but I’ve only watched maybe the first 15 minutes. . .it was kinda gross.  He performed self surgery on his arm for art.  Yuck.

Well, I think I’m all Bowie-ed out for the night. . .gotta be to work early and while I know I won’t sleep I’m gonna go to chair now (remember I don’t sleep in a bed anymore) and watch some Fringe.

Done now. . .

PS.  This blog is once again brought to you by Bowie’s Strangers When We Meet. . .deal with it.  lol

PPS.  Bug came in and actually sat down and watched the SWWM video in it’s entirety, very quietly I might add.  Then asked to watch it again and this happened.  “Oh my gosh!  Look at his little face!  Look at his little mustache!  Look at his little eyebrows!  He is so hot!  Look at his manly muscles!  I want to marry him.  Look at his muscles!  Why does that girl look like a doll?  Look at his muscles!  Can I kiss your computer screen?  Look at his muscles!”

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