Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"don't stay in a sad place where they don't care how you are, everyone says 'hi'. . ."

Hey hey my leaping lilies!

How ya’ll doing this gorgeous day?  Well I hope it’s gorgeous where you are anyway. . .we’re freezing and covered in snow.  The snow is beautiful, but I am so over this winter.  Done.  These poor kids are going to be going to school until July. . .but a great way to wake up in the morning is your 6 year old sister blaring from her room Strangers When We Meet. . . that made my grumpy owy morning much better.

So, let’s get the Bowie!bits over with. . .not because I’m trying to drop him like trash, cuz that’s just insane to even think , but because I know Tiffers is reading this and is probably sighing in annoyance that I’ve brought the Bowie up again. . .but here it is.  I had the craziest Bowie dream!  Granted, I did take a little something something last night before I went to bed so I could actually sleep AND I did fall asleep with A Reality Tour still playing on the tv, but this dream was crazy!

Here goes:  Bowie and I were at my Granny’s house, only it wasn’t my Granny’s house.  It was big, 2 stories and dirty.  Not like ‘I’m a hoarder and I’ve got a million cats’ dirty, just cluttered and dusty.  My first thoughts are that this is most definitely NOT my Granny’s house, her house is immaculate.  Everything is always in it’s place and you can put on a white glove and run your fingers along every inch of her house and find nothing.  So I’m confused already and my Granny says, “I’ve made chicken for dinner.”  Yum!  We sit down to eat and Bowie needs ketchup for his chicken so my Granny brings him a new bottle and he’s struggling to pull the little tab off the top.  He does, finally after an amusing few moments, and proceeds to jump half the bottle on top of his chicken so that it’s like soup.  Yuck!  And he eats it.  Double yuck!

Well, it’s getting time to leave and my Granny’s place was crawling with people I’d never met before and I can’t find my purse.  I’m convinced someone has stolen it.  My Granny and I search upstairs and find it stuffed under a mattress and you can tell that it’s been rummaged through but I really can’t find anything missing.  We go back downstairs and Bowie is in the kitchen with my Grandpa who is explaining the house is so dirty because they are remodeling, which makes sense now.  Awesome.  But what’s weird is Bowie has their refrigerator pulled from the wall and acting as a mechanic.  But he still looks all Bowie-fied with a neatly pressed suit, shiny shoes and perfect hair. 

(Kinda like this. . .only without the large ‘Bowie’ in lights, we already who he is.)  Weird.  And that’s when I wake up. . .

Remember a few blogs ago I made the comment that I didn’t enjoy my coffee anymore?  Well I think I now know why.  I’ve become a coffee snob.  I never thought I would say that because for the longest time, to me coffee was coffee was coffee.  Put some Splenda in it, a little creamer and I’m good to go.  Not anymore.  Around Christmas time, I bought my dad this deelish Starbucks caramel flavored coffee.

After that, the whole house began experimenting with various types of coffee and flavors.  I remember thinking, “this is getting crazy, I miss plain ‘ol regular coffee.”  Well, we went back and that’s when my problem began.  This morning I notice that we have Starbucks caramel flavored coffee again and it is so freakin’ deelish, it almost brought tears to me eyes.  I’ve had two cups already and am tempted tomake another pot so I can have some more. . .yeah, I’m such a coffee snob now.  Don’t gimme that ‘Foldgers in your cup’ line anymore, give me Starbucks!!

Done now. . .

PS  This blog brought to you by David Bowie’s Everyone Says ‘Hi’

PSS  doesn’t he look so pimp is his little coat?!

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