Friday, April 22, 2011

"i wanna love you but i better not touch. . ."

Hello my lovelies!!

How is everyone?!?! 

Thought I’d drop a quick little blog because I probably won’t be doing one again until after Easter.  Lots to do. . .gotta get Bug’s Easter basket ready (Hop themed!  I wanna keep it for myself!), make some sweets (that aren’t Weight Watcher friendly, gotta watch myself) and get last minute things together for Bugglette’s booth on the 30th.  I just bought over 80 hair clips for my bows, hopefully it’s enough. . .

Had my weigh in today. . .down another 2 pounds, whoop whoop!  I’m happy but not really all at the same time.  I’ve seemed to have maintained for a couple weeks, this week being the only time I’ve lost any in three.  I’ve decided, when I hit my 10% goal I am buying me something so awesome and Bowie!  Got my eye on A Reality Tour 2 CD set from Japan with bonus songs. . .hells to the yeah.  Wish those bonus songs were on the DVD; China Girl, Fall Dog Bombs the Moon and Breaking Glass.  Only 9 more pounds and I make my 10% and Bowie is mine!  All mine!

Well, me and Bug finished watching season one of Scarecrow and Mrs. King and Netflix doesn’t have the second season yet so I watched a couple online yesterday and found a most awesome video of Lee Stetson/Scarecrow and his awesome 80’s clothes I talked about in my last blog.

Seriously watch it, you won’t regret it. . .so many 80’s pimp suits and short shorts!  LOL  And it won’t let me post it here which makes me sad cuz I know ya’ll are less likely to watch it when it’s not in the blog, ie Tiffers.  Then again, Tiffers NEVER watches any of my videos.  *tear, sniffle*  I watch yours ho bag!

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. . .I know I will, we’re closed!

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by Alice Cooper’s Poison.

PSS I was blaring this song while getting ready for work yesterday and I ended up with heavily rimmed black eyes, not quite Alice Cooper style, but more than I usually wear.  Music is a wonderful influence on everything. . .

PSSS  if you watch the Lee Stetson video and you tell me, I'll give you a cookie.

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