Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"i absolutely love you. . ."

Hello my lovelies!!!

How are ya’ll this morning?  It’s a gorgeous cloudy, glooming, rainy day here in Kentucky and I love it!  It usually helps me to sleep in but not this morning.  I woke up so many times last night that I finally just decided to get up.  Plus I had this crazy, crazy dreams.  That you know I am most certainly about to tell you about. . .

So, I had to get up and take meds twice last night which could definitely have something to do with the dream I had.  Plus I had left the TV on the Investigation Discovery channel which I’m sure had it’s role in my dream as well.  In the dream me, Tiffers, my mom and my aunt went out in the woods to ghost hunt and to my surprise I immediately saw a ghost.  I was hanging off Tiffers arm, I pointed it out to her and she seen it as well.  We both begin snapping pictures.  She’s in a dress and large cape with a hood on it like one would wear in a period drama.  Suddenly she’s right up on me and Tiffers, looking down at us trying to tell us something.  We freak!  My mom and aunt join us and we huddle up and try to run away but the ghost is still following us and looking down.  I flip my camera around to try to get a picture of her face and manage one and we’re out of the woods and back into the house.  I put the picture on the computer and there are a few of the ghost in the woods and then there is one that is nothing but an eye.  Cuhreepy as hell!  Then my alarm woke me up.

Blog continued 5 hours later. . .

Home from work.  Today was my first day back after my three week medical leave and it wasn’t that horrible.  I was pretty much ready to go back because I missed the people I work with and because I’m broke.  The one good thing about cutting hair is the tips, came home with a wad of cash in my apron pocket!  

As for the back front, it was pretty decent for most of the day except for about the last hour it was really starting to hurt bad but it wasn’t that horrible.  The way it hurt at the end of my shift was usually the way it hurt when I began my shift.  *fingers crossed*   I think it’s getting a little better.  Once I can get my other medical bills paid down, I’ve got to make an appointment with my neurosurgeon and see about getting injections in my back.  Maybe within a month or so I can.

Typing this blog up between bites of deelishus homemade pork stir-fry.  I’ve eaten off it 3 times already (since yesterday) and the good thing is it's full of veggies and very little meat and rice so it’s only like 8 points.  It’s my own spin on a Weight Watchers’ recipe, mainly because I didn’t have all the ingredients, but it called for pineapple in it and while I was skeptical I did it anyway and it is so NOM NOM good!  Probably gonna make this stir-fry until I can’t stand it anymore, but for the moment I love it and fills me up for very little points.


So yeah. . .it’s 11:17 the following day so I guess I better finish this here blog. . .

Was off today. . .I’ve pretty much spent most of it watching the Law & Order: SVU marathon on USA and making hair bows for the Spring Fling that Bugglette’s has a booth at. . .super excited!  We’re going to have all kinds of our crafts for sale and Tiffers made us some adorable little business cards to pass out!


super official Bugglettes business card.

Spent some time cleaning out my closet which basically means I switched out my winter clothes for summer ones so if it suddenly turns cold again, you can blame me.  I’ve been putting it off because every time I think it’s going to stay warm it snows or drops to freezing.  Fingers crossed it stays warm. . .I want to set the pool up soon!  Gonna get my tan on. . .and hey, don’t laugh!  Yeah you, the one laughing, just cuz I’ve been pasty white since I was like 12 doesn’t mean I can’t tan!  Someday I’ll be a gorgeous tan and it’ll be awesome. . .someday.

Bug’s Labyrinth birthday party is coming together uberly awesome. . .I can’t wait for May to get here!  Then again I can, I don’t want my Bug to be 7!  She’s getting so big!  And today my mom found me the cutest tiniest teapot for my mad hatter birthday!


That means I’ve got 3ish teapots now. . .I think.  I still need a big one to put Sid in. . .plus I’ve got to find an outfit.  Got the mad hatter hat done. . .

you like?  it's made out of a styrofoam cup.

. . .now I just need an uber cute tea party ensemble.

Well, think that’s it for this blog.  Done now. . .  :)

PS  this blog brought to you by my new obsessive Bowie song, Absolute Beginners. . .gotta love them 'bowmp bowmp bahoo’s. . .'

PSS  thank you to everyone who recommend new music to me after my last rant, I’m slowly working my way through it all and am finding a few I like!

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