Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"just stay with me now, say the word and we'll go. . ."

Hello my lovelies!!

How be everyones???

Let me tell ya, last night about scared the pants offa me and nothing even happened!  There was some really bad weather in the area last night, but it seems Indiana got the worst of it.  They were talking like 70 mile an hour winds, hail, thunder, lightening and tornadoes!  Or as me and Tiffers call ‘em tore-nah-does (and for the rest of this blog will be referred to as such)!!!!  I knew it was moving in but was very much distracted watching Scarecrow and Mrs. King (more of that to come later) so when the DVD finished and I put the TV on, the local weather channel was being all crazy and telling me that we were under a torenahdoe warning until 1 am.  When did this happen?!!?

Have I ever told you of my extra super fear of torenahdoes?  It began as a child.  And truth be told, they pretty much just extra super scare the crap outta me.  In school when we learned how to prepare and take shelter from torenahdoes they said it was important to have a tornahdoe bag filled with necessities like a radio, batteries, flash light and bottled water.  When I was 8 years old, I packed me a torenahdoe bag and kept it in the back of the closet filled with dog food, cat food and cookies.  The essentials right?  My plan was to grab the dog, the cat, run into the brick shed and eat cookies.  Simple right?  I only ever had to use the bag once and dad wouldn’t let me take the dog and the cat.  *tear*  But everything was fine. 

AnyGoo. . .I’m watching the weather and freaking out more and more by the minute because I’m the only one up and the storms are getting closer and closer to us.  They had put out the warnings a good 45 minutes before the storm ever made it to us, which is awesome possum!  Remember in Twister the whole point of sending up Dorothy in the torenahdoe was to find out as much information as possible so they could have an advanced warning system cuz they didn’t have it back in the day when the F5 torenahdoe had sucked up Helen Hunt's dad.  Remember?  If not, I just gave you an awesome recap. . .so,  they are talking to local law enforcement in Indiana about all the damage they’re getting and showing trees wiggling in the wind saying if they wiggle from the bottom that is SO not good.  I’m peeking out the window trying to see if the trees in the backyard and wiggling from the bottom but I can’t really tell.  I’m thinking we all need to get in the hallway, the safest part of the house cause it has no windows, but I don’t really wanna wake Bug up too early cuz she’ll fuhreak!  And the cats are outside!  And the goat is outside!  Then the wind starts picking, a little rain, a few booms of thunder, then. . .then. . .the end.  Nothing happened.  YAYS!  I go out on the front porch and it was just a normal little thunder storm.  Paranoid for nothing. . .but paranoia will save your life one day.  Fox Mulder taught me that and now I pass it on to you. . .

Later on during the night, the thunder did get a little wild.  It was shaking the pictures on my bedroom wall and knocked down my Sweet Dreams sign and (remember I sleep in a chair) the snow globe on the shelf above me almost came crashing down on my head.  Luckily I got and put it on the table just in case because it was dangerously close to the edge. . .

Now, how about some Scarecrow and Mrs. King talk. . .

her hair looks extra crispy here

check out that bandana head band/wrap thing. . .so 80's!  <3

I’ve got a buddy to watch it with now and her name is Bug!  She just came in one day and started watching it with me and we’ve pretty much watched an episode every day since then.  Although Bruce Boxleitner was who caught her attention.

super 80's spy!

She was very quick to point out that he still wasn’t as hot as David Bowie and John Rzeznik.  And while much of his 80’s spy wardrobe I don’t care for, it includes a lot sweaters. . .

case in point.

. . .he does have some pimptastic suits and I can tolerate his 80’s fly back hair and he is oh so adorable in his wibble face.  See for yourself. . .again.

ooo, tight 80's jeans. . .

And the plots are simple, they don’t use big words and it has that cheesetastic 80’s humor that kids can appreciate.  So you can see why she loves it. . .and I love all things 80’s so that’s pretty much enough for me.  I used to watch reruns after school (it came out in ’83, I was only 1 then) and I never saw the end of the series although I did play  catch up thanks to youtube.  They only have the first 2 of the 4 seasons out on DVD so I can’t wait for the rest!  Until then me and Bug will just make do with what we have. . .

I pretty much think I’m done rambling for now. . .until next time. . .

Done now. . .  :)

PS  The blog brought to you by Jason Derulo’s In My Head. And just in case you didn't know it was Jason Derulo, he pretty much introduces himself in every one of his song.

PSS  This song makes me super hyper and if my back were super awesome right now, I’d so be bustin’ a move.  That’s right, I said bust a move.  Does that make me sound too white and lame?  Cuz we all know Mandy don’t bust no moves. . .but when I listen to this song, I seriously consider it. . .

PSSS  Bruce Boxleitner!

80's hangover?


  1. HAHAHA that was too funny. The sirens went off here in Etown at midnight and stayed on until the storm came. It looked more like a hurricane from my p.o.v. But all is good. Those damn tornaders.

  2. i think e-town got it pretty good, we didn't get much of anything! glad though. . .and i didn't hear the sirens here at all, what's up with that?!?

  3. I don't know. I don't think Etown got anything, but we be getting something now, I think. Ugh.

  4. i knows! i am so tired of these storms, i'm all for some rain, but when the sirens go off, my inner scared-y cat comes out. . .