Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"i wave to the policemen but they don't wave back, they don't dig anything. . ."

Hello, hello my lovelies!!

How ya’ll doing?!?!

I’ve been pretty awesome.  I think the break from work has been exactly what my back has needed.  It in no way has stopped hurting and still sleep something terrible (as in I don’t) but it has been tolerable.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that it is never going to NOT hurt, but it’s something I gotta live with so you either gotta suck it up and move on or you’re gonna be spending your life sitting on the couch eating and watching TV.  That is so not me. 

My back being a bastard this year and most of last is going to put a big damper on my spring/summer concerts this year.  Goo hasn’t announced any tour dates close to me as of yet so that’s a plus, but when they do I’m scared to even buy a ticket in case I’m not able to make it.  Goo was the last concert I went to before my back really started kicking my ass and when that night was over, I needed help walking back to the car.  I can only imagine how it would be now.

On the brighter sides of concerts, David Gray is getting ready to wind up some summer concert dates in the states and fingers crossed that he comes near me because from what I’m seeing, it’s going to be a pretty much sit down show and I can so handle that!  Gimme a chair and I can sit in it like no other!  LOL  And my loving sister had agreed to go with me!

i <3 my sister.

Aren’t we just adorable?!?!  And young looking!?!  We both got carded when we ordered some booze yesterday and she really, really studied our IDs.  I must look 21 instead of. . .oh, ya’ll almost got me, almost told ya how old I was. . .it’s ok though.  My 29th is in May and after that I’m forever 29!  Muwahahaha!!!!
Had a sleep over at the Tiffers’ house for Chris’ birthday.  Check out our awesome goodies!

And we didn’t even go over our points!  I had a weight watchers cookie and coffee that morning, we had a bit of a drive then I helped Tiffers clean and make cupcakes then it was time to change and get all cute-ified.
I ate so much fruit as I was getting the tray ready *Oh, this strawberry is too small to even cut up, I’ll just eat it* that by the time pizza came I was pretty full, but I had 3 slices and went to bed consuming all of my points for the day and not going over.  Yays!

Hopefully I have a better weigh in this Friday, I gained a pound. . .i don’t understand how it happened though.  How can I gain a pound when I didn’t go over my daily points or my weekly points?!?!!?  *sigh*  Weight loss is so annoying.  But my clothes are getting bigger and bigger so I like to judge by that and not what the scale says all the time.

Now me and the Bug are off to Heather’s house!

Done now. . .  :)

PS  this blog brought to you by David Bowie’s I Dig Everything.

PSS  I <3 this song so much!  It still has that 60’s feel to it like he did back in the day, but he’s reworked it awesomely.

PSSS  I <3 the lyrics so much, they make me giggle.  Case in point, “I’ve got more friends than I’ve had out to dinners, some of them are losers the rest of them are winners. . .”

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