Sunday, May 1, 2011

"i lie down, by the side of my darling. . ."

Hello my lovelies!!!

How ya’ll doing? 

Been awhile since I’ve blogged at ya.  Sorry.  But I’ve been. . .VLOGGING!   Can you believe it?  It’s hard for me to think that I am actually vlogging seeing as I was the fat shy girl in school who would puke everyday for a week if I had to do anything that involved getting in front of the class.  Oh wells.  We all gotta grow up.

I’m doing a vlog with my bestie sister, Tiffers, and it’s called Two Fat Girls.  We’ll be vlogging about Weight Watchers, Weight Watchers related things and all sorts of other randomness.  Check out our first episode:

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Onto other non vlog related things.  Bought tickets to see David Gray in Nashville.  Can’t fuhreakin’ wait!!!  It’s at the Grand Ole Opry.  They gonna blow the roof off!!!  Plus I get to see all my David Gray peeps that I talk to on Facebook. . .whoop whoop!!!

Stevie Nicks' new album comes out on Tuesday and I am so glad that Rolling Stone put up a preview of her album because I am obsessed with the song Annabel Lee.  *sigh*  Amazing!  It’s essentially the Edgar Allan Poe poem by the same name set to music.  Been listening to it none stop so come Tuesday I’m gonna have that thing on repeat for weeks! 

I am so super tired right now so I apologize if this blog seems all over the place.  Yesterday I had to get up at the crack of dawn, help set up Bugglette’s table at the Spring Fling:

. . .go to work, then go back to the Spring Fling to sell some Bugglette’s crafts.  We didn’t do horribly, it could have been worse.  The two vendors on either side of our booth sold nothing all day.  I think it was a crappy day all around for people that showed up. . .I think the vendors who were selling food most likely did the best.  We’d heard a lot of people talking that there just wasn’t as many people out there like there had been the year before.  But it was our first time setting up at anything like that so we might give the Flea Market a try and we’ve got another local festival type thing we’re gonna try in July.  If anything we know what not to do and how to set everything out better.

AnyGoo. . .there is this amazing purse that Absolute Goo has up for the Compass House Auction on Ebay (all proceeds go to charity) that has the pics of John Rzeznik on it from the Rolling Stone shoot.  *sigh*  And it comes with a checkbook cover and wallet.  All covered with John Rzeznik’s beautiful face!  I WANTS!!!!!  But it’s way out my price league right now.  *tear, sniffle*

I WANTS!!!!!

But the person who made the purse has an etsy shop and she’s got a Bowie purse and a Stevie Nicks one.  Birthday present for me!  *hint, hint* 

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by Stevie Nick’s Annabel Lee.

PSS  This isn’t the final version on the album, but it’s just gonna have to do until Tuesday. . .  

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