Tuesday, May 3, 2011

'and the moon never beams without bringing me dreams. . .'

Hello my lovelies!!

How ya’ll doing??

I’m pretty good.  Bug had some sort of mental breakdown while I was giving her a haircut at work today.  She was a right brat actually and has one chunk gone out of the back of her hair because I refused to cut it anymore.  She’s gonna have to go to school like that too, but at the moment she doesn’t care.  I AM NEVER HAVING KIDS.  And I mean that from the bottom of heart. . .at this very moment anyway. . .

I did manage to get the new Stevie Nicks’ album today: In Your Dreams, the one thing I wanted to accomplish other than getting the things for my mom’s birthday tomorrow.  So yeah, what has happened to the music selection at Wal- Mart?  It’s nonexistent.  Usually I could always buy the new release I wanted, but the last couple of times I’ve actually wanted to buy a CD new, they don’t have it.  Which I mean it isn’t a crime, just inconvenient when Wal-Mart is supposed to be exactly that, convenient.  Oh wells.  Went and got it from Best Buy and they only had two copies left, one of which I bought.  Hopefully that’s a good sign for Stevie. . .

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was to read a couple months ago that she was coming out with a new album.  There hasn’t been a new one since Trouble in Shangri-la and I thought that was super amazing!  My fav track off Trouble:

This new one, totally awesome possum and all the reviews I’ve read agree with me.  They may not say the exact words ‘awesome possum’ but deep down, they wanted to.  Much of it is demos from years and years ago which to me is super cool.  I love artists who have like vaults of music and they just pluck one out, wipe the dust off, record a new vocal and remix it. . .Bowie does it too, example the Toy album.  And when artists take bits from other songs, whether it be lyrics or music, and put it into a totally different song. . .it’s like finding Easter eggs! 

I’m sure Stevie has like thousands of journals to choose poems from and make into songs and there are tons of demos and unreleased Stevie material on YouTube but imagine how much she’s probably got stashed away.  *insert fan girl squeal here*  I mean, this woman literally never has to pick up a pen again if she doesn't want to. . .

I know I’ve said before I wanna be cool like Beth Ditto of Gossip, but I’d really just love to be Stevie Nicks for a day. . .

she's fuhreakin' 62!

and still rockin'!

Tonight Glee is doing all Fleetwood Mac songs.  Blah.  I know they’re just covers and it’s just a tv show and blah, blahgitty, blah but I don’t like it at all.  At all.  I mean, ya’ll know how much I love the Bowie and I could totally enjoy an entire episode of Glee massacring Bowie music, but The Mac, uh no.  Their songs are way too personal. . .I don’t know.  That’s just me.

Currently listening to Annabel Lee on repeat.  Told ya’ll I would.  If I didn’t, I meant to tell you.  Or I told someone in passing.  Or I put it on facebook.  Someone knew dammit!

Everybody Loves You is pretty wonderful too.  And Italian Summer is like this epic ballad that needs to be on Broadway.  <3ness.

I could so go on and on about this, but I’m gonna bring this to a close.  I’ve gotta watch Glee so I can talk smack about it later and John Rzeznik is tweeting.

Done now. . .  :)

PS This blog brought to you by Steve Nicks’ Annabel Lee.

PSS Still not the album version but it’ll do. . .

So far, the only good Mac song Glee has done is Songbird and even then, that little run thing she did made me cringe.  The best so far was the for reals version of The Chain.  (duh!  right?)  I Don't Wanna Know, epically awful, they were so stiff while singing it. . .the Goo Goo Dolls do a great cover of it.  Then again, we all know how biased I can be. . .

Go Your Own Way. . .now that's how you sing a Fleetwood Mac song.  Then again, she totally has the right back story to show the proper emotion.  Either way, she did it justice.

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