Sunday, June 26, 2011

"when you came in the air went out. . ."

Hello my lovelies!

Just got done watching True Blood.  My thoughts.

Things I liked about the season 4 premiere of True Blood:

 1.)  Eric.
 2.)  Jason’s goatee.
 3.)  Jason’s shirt sleeves rolled up.
 4.)  Eric.
 5.)  Sookie’s house.  It’s about time, that place was skanky.
 6.)  Bill’s new haircut.
 7.)  Hoyt and Jessica being all couple-y and adorable.
 8.)  Lafayette’s mohawk.
 9.)  Eric in that leather jacket.
10.)  Eric in that uber tight shirt at the end.  *le sigh*

Things that annoyed me about True Blood:

 1.)  Fairies.
 2.)  Bill.
 3.)  Not enough Eric.
 4.)  Fairies. 
 5.)  Bill.
 6.)  Tara’s plot.
 7.)  Fairies.
 8.)  Bill.
 9.)  Have I mentioned fairies and Bill?
10.)  Totally NOT ENOUGH ERIC.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  this blog brought to you by Jace Everett's Bad things.

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