Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"no one can believe in things that never change. . ."

Hello my lovelies!!

How are ya’ll on this beautifully hot day (in KY anyway it’s like 90 degrees already and it’s only 11:30)?!?!  I’m feeling pretty awesome at the moment because:

1.)  I slept in my bed until 9:30 this morning!  Whoop whoop!

2.)    John Rzeznik from my Goo had an amazing twitterfest last night, that I did sleep through but woke up eagerly this morning to play catch up with.
a.)    It’s nice to wake up with a twitter text from John Rzeznik and the first line is:  Yo hey hey beautifuls !!!!! 
b.)    Cuz he’s obviously only talking to me right?  Right?!?  That’s what I thought.  LOL

3.)  I'm off today!

4.)  Was thinking about my paycheck this morning and it’s gonna be so awesome because I had a 6 hour day (my very first one in a year!) and I’ve gained 2 other hours this week.  Whoop whoop!  Back don’t fail me now cuz Mandy needs some David Gray money! 

5.)  22 days until Nashville!!!
And in all seriousness, if he sings this song, I am gonna bawl like a baby.  The end.
      6.)  And the Bug told me, “For realsies Mandy, I’m not faking.”  Spoken just like her big sister. . .made my heart all warm and fuzzy inside!
7.)  Got my birthday prezzies from Sara and Summer, THANK YOU!  My very first lappytop, a $30 gift card to Sephora and so much more. . .totally bought me a Kat Von D pallet. . .hells to the yeah!

Now it’s time for a fairy tale from your Blogmistress Mandy.  Once upon a time there was a chubby girl who had had a crush on a boy every since elementary school.  That’s a lot of years to hold onto a crush, but it happens in fairy tale land.  She never talked to him.  Ever.  Then they graduated and moved on.  And one night Chubby Girl stumbles upon his facebook page.  Thus the facebook stalking begins!  So I, I mean er Chubby Girl, looked at his page last night then had a crazy dream about him. . .he was hanging out at Chubby Girl’s house and helping her clean her room while Chubby Girl was just trying to get the CD player to work.  Music all the time, I promise you this!  Well, Chubby Girl does. . .aw hell, who are we kidding?  We know I’m talking about me!  LOL  So then my phone starts blaring It’s Over by the Goo Goo Dolls at 4:30 in the morning.  Ironic song to interrupt my dream and my long time crush huh?  And it’s one John Rzeznik going twitter crazy until almost 7 am my time.  But I mean, look at his little John Rzeznik face, can you get mad at him?

so much hotness in this pic i don't know where to start!
he has one of the greatest profiles in EVER!
another great profile shot.  yum.
Mandy, is that you?  again?  security!

So yeah. . .that’s about it.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by the Goo Goo Dolls It’s Over.

PSS  I cannot even begin to tell you how often I listen to this song. . .I’m talking Strangers When We Meet count (the official itunes count is 289 but we all know that’s a joke!) tripled! 


  1. I love that song too! I didn't appreciate Gutterflower as much when it first came out but I think it is a very underrated album now that I've had so many years to revisit it :)

  2. Gutterflower is great! and i guess because i was just in my beginnings of Goo and this was their first new release for me, i loved it from the start. . .now LLI is another story. i guess because i thought GF is was so epic, LLI kinda lacked in everything all around for me. . .i do love the songs live, but i don't listen to the album all that much. . .