Thursday, June 9, 2011

"stone blind alibi, i will eat the lie. . ."

Hello my lovelies!!!

How is everyone doing tonight???  I’m feeling pretty awesome at the moment. . .being off the last two days has been awesome possum!   Been in the pool everyday this week, except for today too much to do. . .so yeah.  I’m exercising and getting a tan.  Whoop whoop!

At the moment I am gorging on the feast that is David Gray music.  After last night’s live stream from Dublin I’ve just been on a David Gray high today.   This is what usually happens before a concert, no matter who I’m going to see.  I don’t listen to their music for the months leading up to the show, but when it gets down to crunch time I obsess with all of it and then try not to listen to it at all the day of the show. . .which can prove to be very difficult sometimes.  Watching Live In Slow Motion right now. . .this DVD is AWESOME!  My only wish is that he had done Slow Motion for this show. . .that song is beyond amazing live.  Life in Slow Motion is my absolute fav album by DG, I can listen to the entire thing from start to finish. . .well except for Hospital Food.  Don’t ask me why, but I’ve never gotten into that one. . .

What else?  Here’s a video about my new hair and how David Gray kinda sorta influenced it. 

Other things. . .listening to Bowie now.  I started writing this much earlier and now it’s Bowie time!  Ironicness, David Gray talks David Bowie!  Oh be still my beating heart.

Ok.  We were cleaning out Bug’s room today and stashed in her closet was her Easter basket still full of candy!  And there were these VERY MINI Three Musketeer marshmallow chocolates and I totally ate two of ‘em.  And they were so deelish!  I seriously can not even explain to you how yummy they were. . .not having any form of candy since January, it was like Christmas in June!

Good news. . .my feets look like normal feets!  YAYS!  The doctor had told me that they may never return to normal because my blood vessels had stretched so much when I was retaining so much water from my back issues a few months back.  But they are SO normal now!  And my back has been feeling to uber fantastic that I actually gave myself a French pedicure today and I feel so pretty. . .and also happy because now my Goo Goo Dolls tattoo doesn’t look all stretched out. . .lol

I really don’t wanna go to work tomorrow.  *whine*  But I’ve done nothing but get on and off facebook all day today.  Between cleaning, laundry, vlogging, hacking at my hair some more, cutting and coloring my mom’s hair, playing with the Bug it’s been facebook.  I need to step away from the facebook. . .

The Tiffers is coming this weekend and I’ve already told her all the awesome music headbands I wanna make. . .she’s bringing all the glass tiles and Rolling Stones and gonna show me how to make ‘em myself.  Then she’s bringing all the Pokémon she’s made and I’m gonna put ‘em on headbands. . .so Bugglette’s updates coming soon!

I guess that’s all. . .I started typing this out as something to do other than bomb everyone’s news feed with random music videos and now I'm bored of vlogging.

Done now. . .  :)

PS  This blog brought to you by David Gray’s Alibi.

PSS  21 days til I’m drunkenly swaying in the front row for this with my bestie Heather and my fav David Gray hookers!

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